6 Steps to a Better Facebook Presence

by Garrett Kite

If you’re new to running a business or if you’ve just started managing your social media profiles, you probably have a lot of questions. The biggest question businesses face when it comes to social media, (Facebook in particular), is “How can I use this page to get more customers and grow our brand?”

We’ve listed here some of the best tips/advice that we can give to help you understand what matters to Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm and what doesn’t, as well as the habits that you should start forming now to help your business as it grows.

Utilize Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts –

Most people expect to pay an arm and a leg when they start using Facebook Ads, but the reality is that the amount you pay per acquired Like on your page actually just depends on how well you optimize your ad, the description, and the criteria surrounding how and who it shows up for. Spend some time learning more about the system or have a friend with experience help you set-up your ads – they’re sure to pay off.

Boosted posts are paid posts that are featured at the top of your page’s timeline for a specified time period. This is a handy way to showcase sales or promotions throughout the duration of the sale without losing them in the pit of more recent posts and status updates. You can make any past post a boosted post with the click of a button!


Share Content Generously –

One thing that I was worried about when I started managing social media platforms for clients was annoying the audience or customers with too much information too often. What I didn’t know was that Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm only allows about 20% of your followers to see any given post at any given time; that’s pretty slim pickin’s! Share content as much or as little as you want, but do it consistently. Take advantage of trends you see and use them as a focus for your posts. Share content from other pages and tag those pages in your posts. All these things will help give your posts more “weight” and give Facebook more of a reason to let them appear in your followers’ News Feeds.


Share Video (and Other Highly-Visual Content) –

Do you know how much Facebook loves videos? A lot. But they love videos uploaded to their platform and then shared a whole lot more than YouTube videos. Facebook is in direct competition with YouTube when it comes to video sharing and hopes to gain more traffic and attention for their video capabilities. Feed their ego by uploading your own product videos, promotional footage, or favorite home video to your page and then sharing it across the board.

These videos uploaded directly to the Facebook platform also have more weight when shared, which means that they’re more likely to be seen by your followers.


Identity Opportunities for Indirect Content –

Going along with this post, it’s important to generate shareable content for your followers. The better the content, the more the engagement, and the more attention your page will get in News Feeds. Keep an eye out for sharing opportunities that are indirectly related to the product you offer, or trends that involve your industry. If you operate an Italian restaurant, share some of your favorite recipes or pasta add-ins, or maybe an article with all the Italian restaurants seen in famous movies. This unique content will help promote engagement on your page which in turn will add more weight to your posts.


Build Relationships by Acting Human –

Another aspect of Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm is the affinity score between your page and your audience. This measures how likely a post will interest any particular follower, and therefore how much they’d potentially like to see it in their News Feed. Strengthen your affinity scores by interacting with your followers frequently. Ask questions and post trivia, and invite your audience to interact with the page. Make sure that your posts show off your own writing/voice, so customers get more of a personal relationship with your business. Include some sass or favorite athletes and spark a conversation that speaks a stronger connection between your page and your audience.


Use Facebook as a Means of Communication –

Our final recommendation is to let your Facebook page replace your email as a way for customers to get in touch with you. Obviously you’ll need to pay more attention to the communication taking place on your page, but trust me – you’ll save more time and grow your business simultaneously. Encourage this interaction by placing links to your Facebook page throughout your website and at the end of blog posts, inviting readers to ask questions or make comments on your Facebook instead of email. This will free up your time sifting through your inbox and answering multiple emails/comments with the same question. Because your Facebook page is a public platform, other followers may answer user questions for you, and with more detail than you might have time for. A page with a strong following or community will definitely receive a boosted score from Facebook, leading to more visibility and a better presence in News Feeds.


We hope you liked these steps, and we’re eager to see you implement them! Join us on our own Facebook page and see these tips in action.




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