Apple Introduces Iphone 5C & 5S

by Garrett Kite

Sep 10, 2013 | Technology

Rumors of the new iPhone/s have been brewing ever since the iPhone 5 was released, which is pretty usual. This time, however, Apple unveiled two new phones on the same day – something we haven’t seen before.

Meet the iPhone 5S:
iPhone 5S

Not a lot changed from the 5 to the 5S. More processing speed and a few features are the only differentiation – definitely not enough for me to make the upgrade from my iPhone 5.

The 5C, though, introduces a whole new look to the Apple iPhone. On the inside it’s the exact same as the iPhone 5, but the outside is clearly different. It has a polycarbonate plastic shell rather than the aluminum of the previous model. There are five different colors – red, yellow, green, white & blue – which can be combined with a variety of new-style cases to get a unique look. Learn more about the changes on the official Apple website.

iPhone 5C

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