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The Basics of Email Marketing

Whether you’ve been sending emails to customers and followers since you began your career, or if you’re just starting out in this world of MIME and Unsubscribes, we’ve got news for you: There are some basic, fundamental components of email marketing that most...

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What SEOs Can Do For Your Website

SEO can sometimes be a lofty term without any clearly-defined meaning. This post is meant to really illuminate all the value your business will receive from contracting a solid SEO company to establish your website with a great web presence. By answering common...

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When Should I Stop Doing SEO?

SEO: The Never-Ending Battle Many small business owners consider their internet marketing budget to be a variable expense; one that, with time, might even be eliminated. As they start to gain a bigger web presence, they reconsider how much money they want to spend to...

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The Top Five Local Listing Management Sites

If you’re just beginning to delve into local SEO and local listing management, there are a couple of ways you can do it: Claim, update, and create listings by yourself on all the local listing and review sites you can find, and then manage the reviews and information...

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Nine Email Habits of Efficient People

Here at Kite Media, we love finding ways in which we can improve, and communication is a department which could use some improvement in any company. Google’s Eric Schmidt explained the #1 emailing habit of some of the most effective people in an article written for...

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The Ten Best Social Media Strategies

Part of creating an online presence is understanding how to generate success on your company’s social platforms. Many businesses, including international and franchised brands, could really suffer if they didn’t put an effort into their social media marketing. Even if...

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How to Remove a Duplicate Google Plus Listing

It’s a good SEO strategy to have a regularly updated Google Plus business page to rank in both local Maps searches as well as organic Google searches. However, you may run into some problems during the creation or maintenance of your Google Plus page. One of the...

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How to Link to a Specific Place on a Page

One of the fastest growing trends in website design is the parallax style website. You've probably noticed that a lot of new sites allow you to scroll through one page to different sections rather than clicking links to navigate from page to page. Apple's iPhone 6...

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Customer Reviews & Their Impact on Search Rankings

As the internet evolves and customers have more options for research at their fingertips, so should your online strategy. One way to really promote your product or service is through your customer reviews. These aren't just a low-priority option to increase business...

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What Are The Best Time Management Tips

Time is of the essence and efficiency is key in today’s fast-paced business world. You don’t have time to waste. Chet Holmes, author of the national bestseller “The Ultimate Sales Machine,” lays out six quick and easy steps to maximize the productivity of your...

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What Can I Do To Improve My SEO?

As internet marketing professionals, we spend a lot of time on websites and local listings, looking for the best tricks and techniques to use in our optimization of your site. However, considering that we don’t know your day-to-day schedule of events, or even all of...

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Google AdWords Reporting Terms

The purpose of this post is to clarify the definitions of several common terms that you will find within the Google AdWords dashboard, and to explain why they matter. Clicks - A click is when a user interacts with your ad by clicking on it, typically showing an...

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Apple Introduces Iphone 5C & 5S

Rumors of the new iPhone/s have been brewing ever since the iPhone 5 was released, which is pretty usual. This time, however, Apple unveiled two new phones on the same day - something we haven't seen before. Meet the iPhone 5S: Not a lot changed from the 5 to the 5S....

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Social Media Facts & Figures for 2013

by Digital Insights This social media facts & statistics for 2013 infographic was done by Digital Insights. It covers some of the most recent Social Media facts, figures, numbers and statistics of the past year. We have highlighted some of the most interesting...

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Online Local Listing Citation Sources

by Garrett Kite Local listing sites like Google+ Local, Yelp, MerchantCircle and many others play a key role in improving a businesses' local search visibility. Not only does a listing on one of these sites act as a point of contact for your business with potential...

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The Social Media Revolution

It seems like social media impacts everything we do these days. Take, for example, the time you look out your window to see a dude playing sand volleyball in tight jeans, a cowboy hat and boots...not to mention he's got a bigote (big Spanish mustache) that covers half...

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The Top SEO Sins

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The Tricks & Scams that Make Google Mad Cloaking It’s annoying to search for something on the Web and be directed to a website that has nothing to do with what you searched for. A website involved in cloaking is generally the...

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Video Virality

by Travis Chambers Travis works as a social media account manager at Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Santa Monica, CA & has significant experience in the digital world - you might even recognize him from his viral YouTube video, "The Real Meaning of MPH", which now...

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The Google Analytics Lingo

Google Analytics is an online tool used to track the number of visits a website receives. A website may be linked to an analytics account that will track an extensive amount of information in regards to that site: Visits, % New Visits, Bounce Rate, Absolute Unique...

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Google +1

Google has introduced a new means of Internet marketing and social media integration: Google +1. Utah businesses can add this new tool to their current Internet advertising game plans. Consumers can use the +1 button to publicly show what they like, agree with, or...

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How Well Does your Webpage Rank?

See how your website is missing out on vital SEO traffic! Page rank plays a huge role in Search Engine Optimization and how easily searchers will be able to find your website. This tool provides the ability to check the page rank of any website. Try it out! Just enter...

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Online Marketing Vocabulary

The following is a running list of vocabulary terms that are commonly associated with the world of Internet marketing. We will dive into several key aspects of online advertising, including search engine optimization, link building, website design & optimization,...

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The Importance of Local Listing Optimization

Local listings provide a means for potential customers to find your business on the Internet, and they provide valuable links to your website that will help improve its search engine ranking. We will list your business on many of the Internet's top local listing...

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TV Advertising?

Is TV the best way to get your business noticed? Let's look at the pros and cons of local cable TV advertising. Pros: - TV has a wide reach - Ideal for reaching large numbers of anonymous audience members - Can be targeted to a specific geographic target market Cons:...

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The Window and The Mirror

I look out the window and what do I see… Have you ever had that friend, professor, boss, or even just an acquaintance that could always find a way to blame every bad situation on anyone else but themselves? It can be a real frustration. I was in a math class where the...

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