Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Bountiful, UT

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Want To Appear At The Top Of Search Engines?


Rank First

Have your business show at the top of search rankings, immediately!

Track Results

Track how your customers find your site and use advanced analytics to navigate your online business decisions.



Target Specific Areas

Build a  targeted campaign that will dominate local searches for your chosen keywords and search terms.


The Mobile Impact

With mobile searches on a constant uprise, your business needs Pay-Per-Click to attract your potential online customers. Did you know that with the size of most mobile phone screens, paid ads take up 67+% of the initial view of search results? The majority of users don’t even make it past those paid ads on their mobile search before settling on a website to satisfy their query. That means that if you aren’t utilizing Pay-Per-Click, you don’t even make an impression with the majority of those searching your keywords. Kite Media will help establish your business with Google Adwords so that you can build your mobile presence in search results.

Fast Turnaround

One of the largest benefits and uses of Pay-Per-Click is to rank quickly in search results. With PPC, the turnaround time is often as fast as one week to place your ad online. This is a great option for brand new businesses or businesses that need an online boost. They immediately receive the recognition and site traffic they need. Unfortunately, that quick exposure doesn’t do you any good unless you have targeted keywords and campaigns. The Kite Media team is trained and certified to provide you with an expert PPC service that will get your business in Bountiful, UT to show up at the top of search engine rankings.


Pay-Per-Click advertising is a great online business decision due to the flexibility it offers. You can easily adjust your online budget to reflect changes in your marketing strategy, whether they come seasonally or financially. Also, you can pause your ads for any reason and resume them whenever you need a quick boost. The PPC option is invaluable for most businesses, and Kite Media can get you the exposure you need in no time. Send us a message today for more info!

Live Reports

Unlike most online marketing tools, Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click give you the added benefit of live reporting so you can easily see what is working and what needs to change. Due to the flexibility with PPC, you can make changes as often as necessary to ensure that your money is being well-spent. These real-time reports help make PPC one of the best online marketing options for you today, so get in touch with our team of experts to see what Kite Media can offer your business in the way of Pay-Per-Click management!

Let’s Get Started!

Put your business ahead of the competition with Kite Media’s Pay-Per-Click Management services in Bountiful and surrounding areas. Our team of internet marketing experts will created targeted campaigns that quickly get your website the attention it deserves. Shoot us a message and let us help start growing your business!

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