Why Your Business Needs to be Using Email Marketing

by Kym Merrill

Jun 6, 2022 | Email Marketing

We get it. You’re doing PPC, SEO, maybe direct mail or social media marketing, and adding another service seems like a lot. Why would you even need email marketing? Here are 5 reasons why email marketing is a great investment for your business you should start using now. 

Reach Past Customers

Once a customer uses your business, they are more likely to be a customer again. However, sometimes they need reminding. We work with many small home service businesses. These businesses provide services that need to be repeated regularly, such as carpet cleaning. Customers might not always be thinking about when their carpets need to be cleaned again, but if they receive an email from their carpet cleaner, it’s a great reminder and they are more likely to book. Staying top of mind is a huge benefit that email marketing offers. 

Stay in Contact with Those Who Have Expressed Interest

There are many types of email campaigns out there, and they serve different purposes. You can send a reminder to finish a purchase to a customer who has left a cart without checking out. You can let a customer know when a product is released or comes back in stock. Email marketing is a great way to follow up with those who have expressed interest in your business in the way that is most suited to their needs. 

Reach a Large Volume at a Low Cost

Unless other advertising methods, where you might pay by click or impression, email marketing has a much lower cost. The size of your audience is only limited to how many people you can get to sign up for your email list. While some email marketing platforms charge slightly more for larger audience sizes, in general, the cost of sending an email to a single customer is fairly similar to the cost of reaching a huge audience. Lower costs can lead to much greater ROI. 

Market to More Qualified leads

You can only email market to those who have agreed on your email marketing list. For this reason, your audience is much more qualified than many other marketing techniques, because they have already expressed interest in your company. This means email marketing allows you to reach more qualified leads than almost any other marketing method out there. You won’t be wasting advertising dollars on people who don’t care about your business. 

Track Your Leads and ROI

Email marketing allows you many options for tracking your leads and ROI. Not only do email marketing platforms allow you to track open rates and clicks, there are even more ways you can track engagement with your emails. You can use special links in the email that track when people click on them. You can offer a special coupon only for email subscribers, so you know when someone uses that coupon they came from email. If making sure that you are getting a good return on spending is important to you (as it should be to everyone), then email marketing is a great option. 


There are a lot of reasons why you should be using email marketing for your business. Don’t let being intimidated stop you! If you need help our email marketing experts at Kite Media can take care of everything for you. Contact us today to learn more or sign up! 

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