What Documents Do I Need for My Suspended Google Business Profile?

by Kym Merrill

Google Business Profile suspensions cause many business owners to panic. We’ve seen business owners who start to fill out the reinstatement request form, but stop when they get to the document section because they’re unsure what they need. It can be hard to know what documents to upload—especially if your business operates out of your home and not a storefront—but there are several documents that will satisfy this requirement. It’s likely you have what you need; if not, you should be able to easily obtain it. Here’s what you need to know about documents for GBP suspension reinstatements.

Google’s requirements for acceptable documents:

  1. Displays the name of the business exactly as it appears on the Business Profile.
  2. Displays the address that appears on the Business Profile (if it’s a listing with a physical address) or the address that the business profile was verified at (if it’s a service area business with the address hidden).

Example Documents:

  1. Official business license, registration, or tax certificate
  2. “Doing Business As” registration or documentation if the official business name is different from the name on the listing. If this doesn’t have the address on it, you can submit it alongside another document with the business address.
  3. Lease agreement with the business name and address on it
  4. Utility bill, such as electricity, internet, gas, or phone for the business address with the business name on it.
  5. Other official business documents. If you got it from an outside source and it has the business name and address on it, it’s probably acceptable.

Other helpful resources (these are not required, but it can help to include them if you have them):

  1. If business signage or anything else related to the business (such as branded equipment) is visible in the Google Street View on Google Maps for the business address, you can include a screenshot that shows this.
  2. If some official proof of your business exists online, like your business registration on your local government website, include the link.
  3. Your Better Business Bureau (BBB) link if it has the correct name and address on it.

Overall, Google just wants some proof that your business exists where you say it does. If you have an official business document that proves that, submit it. Of course, having the right business documents isn’t a guarantee that your business will be reinstated. But if everything else is in compliance with Google’s rules, submitting a reinstatement request with the right documents can help get your profile up and running again quicker.

At Kite Media, we’ve helped dozens of businesses get their Google Business Profiles reinstated after suspension. We’re experts at helping businesses rank well in the local search results. If you need help with your business’s search presence, we’d love to talk about what we can do for you! Call us at (435) 753-7553.

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