Elements of a Successful About Page

by Garrett Kite

Nov 11, 2015 | Website Design

One of the most important parts of promoting your business is to promote yourself. About pages have become a standard across most branded websites and online shops and help to humanize your business. Letting your customers and followers get to know the company and its history will allow you to build validity and trust with your customers.

Today I’ll be talking about the different elements of an About page, including the design, content, and placement, that will help you to better promote your business and get more productive interactions with customers online. Here are the 5 key factors to a successful About page:

Visual Hierarchy

When you plan out your About page, consider the visual hierarchy that goes into your page design. Have you seen a company’s About page that was just a wall of text, with some scattered images and links? Outline the content you’ll be featuring on this page and then organize it in a way that’s visually appealing to the eye. Make sure you include headers to define sections of the page and use professional, high-quality images that promote your brand well.


Interesting Copy

When people click on your About page, they don’t want to read about your favorite TV shows or where you grew up. Unless those things help set you and your business apart as unique and interesting, keep the content on your About page to the following three things: how you were formed, what you provide, and why you provide it. This leads us into our next recommendation –


Show Value

Customers don’t always know what they’re looking for until they see it, so help them find “it” in your products and services. Use this About page to highlight the products/services you are most known for and really sell to your customers why they should buy them. What sets you apart from other businesses? What does your product provide that makes it crucial to your potential customer’s needs? You have to show the value of your services to your customers. Spelling it out for them will really make a difference in your online success.


Call to Action

Just like you have to spell it out for customers to understand what’s so great about what you’re offering, you have to tell them how to buy into your business. Provide plenty of action items for visitors to your About page including Calls to Action, free downloads, contact forms; the works! Include buttons like “Get Started Now” or “Call Today” at the bottom of the page or after pertinent sections to guide your site traffic through your site to the pages where they can take action and purchase products or services.


Play Up Your Personality

Whether your brand is spunky or professional, make sure that tone shines through your About page content. You wouldn’t use neon colors to advertise a law firm, but you might find geometric buttons and freeform shapes to be useful on a concert venue’s site. Make intentional choices with the content of your page that shows a visual representation of your business’ strengths. Highlight unique aspects of your business that sets you apart, like the charities and community events you work with or the unique skills that your team has that help you complete work in an interesting way.
We hope that by following these elements of a successful About page you will begin to see an increase in engagement on your website. What other elements would you consider crucial to a company’s About page?

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