How Graphic Design Can Help Your Business

by Kym Merrill

Jun 7, 2021 | Graphic Design

What is graphic design? It seems simple enough, but ask a group of people and it will become obvious that most people are unsure of what it is. The average person and even business owner is generally unclear on what exactly graphic design is and the power that it holds. However, the more you study design, the more the definition becomes clear. It is a simple, beautiful, and powerful tool that can visually communicate important information to a consumer.

Design can take an unknown business and give it a recognizable symbol that can communicate quality and professionalism. It can take complicated technical jargon and boil it down into a bite-sized bit of information. Graphic design can make something complicated and text-heavy into something simple and quick to understand. And with most of the population being visual learners, investing in some visual communication is a great idea to reach your customer.

As graphic designers, we might be a bit biased. But we believe that good graphic design can change the world. And if it can change the world, you can bet that it can do great things for your business. Here are a few ways that good graphic design can help:

1.Your Logo

The first place you should start with graphic design for your business is your logo. A well-designed logo is a mark that easily and quickly identifies your business and establishes your company’s place in the market. A good logo is well thought out and takes time, effort, and research to create. This mark becomes synonymous with the name of your company and the services that you provide.

Having a well-designed logo makes you stand out from the crowd and can draw new customers in just because your company looks more professional than the rest.

Check out this logo we designed for Soul Fitness when we built them a new website.

2. Branding Materials

What good is a logo if you don’t have the rest of the materials to support it? A good graphic designer will work together with your business to create materials that will emulate your company, its product and/or service, and your company’s values. This process takes a lot of market research, company research, and thought about your target market. But by studying these important aspects, a comprehensive and effective design system can be created. Although this process can be time-consuming, creating a cohesive and professional brand for your business can make a huge difference in how customers perceive your business and products.

3. Your Website

Once you have a logo and a brand, it’s important to get your information out in the world and easy to access. Good digital marketing, like search engine optimization, can get people to your site, but a clean and well-designed website is what keeps people there. Your site should be well organized and easy for customers to navigate. By having your information readily available, it can show the customer that your business is current, transparent, and accessible.

4. Advertising and Social Media

When it’s time to get the word out about your business, using advertising and social media is a great way to go. However, everything you send out into the world should still tie back with your company, no matter what platform it’s on. Creating a uniform look for your business in all marketing materials can convey professionalism and promote brand recognition and recall. When your social posts are high caliber, customers can safely assume that your products and services are also at this same high standard. By showing that you care about every aspect of your company, even though it may seem like a silly Facebook post, it actually shows the customer that you care a lot about your business and their patronage.

5. Packaging

Although we’ve all been told that you can’t judge a book by its cover, consumers often choose the better-looking product. We’ve all fallen victim to buying the nicer, newer brand at the grocery store just because their package was a pretty color or had a nice look to it.

Although this doesn’t apply to every business, if you are selling physical products then the design of your package is incredibly important for shelf-appeal. Humans are attracted to items that are better looking. Your packaging should fit in with the brand that you have created, and catch the attention of the person walking by.


When thought, time, and effort go into making the visual side of your business shine, it shows. It shows the customer that you care about every aspect of your business and that you have spent time, money, and thought into creating a great customer experience.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your business and get great graphic design, Kite Media can help! Contact us today and we can discuss how we can help your business succeed.

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