Graphic Design is More Important Than You Think

by Garrett Kite

Graphic design services can help portray your business as professional and organized to both your employees and your potential customers. It’s a highly under-utilized service that any business should be taking into their own hands. And if you don’t have the design talent in-house, hire out. 46% of small businesses contract their design work out to other companies.

Whether you’re a small startup or a growing corporation, you surely have realized the effect that a well designed graphic or advertisement can have on your business. If you’ve been doing your design work yourself, take this chance to evaluate whether your designs are benefiting or hindering your business:


Graphic Design Offers Brand Recognition:

A well-designed logo or layout helps your business to be easily recognized and found. Businesses with great design also become used as a reference when describing the feel you want for your company: “Give me more of an Apple look – I want this to be sleek and modern.”

Great design work also allows your material to be easily incorporated or coordinated with your other products. This especially comes into play online and on social media. Make sure your newspaper ad uses the same layout and colors of your website to maximize the success of the ad. Also, when creating social content to be shared, a strong brand will design content that embodies the same look and feel as their overall branding design to ensure fast recognition and strengthen that online relationship with potential customers.


Graphic Design Promotes Communication:

Another benefit of a strong design is the ability to communicate with customers with limited exposure. A good example of this communication at a large scale would be the Home Depot. Nary a more manly logo from the stamped look to the bright orange color that indicates construction, giving a really clear picture of what the brand offers. Also, Starbucks’ earthly tones and laidback atmosphere help customers understand a relationship between the corporate look and designs and the core product.

Not only can you communicate the purpose behind your business with your design, but you can communicate more easily with good design work. This is pretty significant for smaller businesses and online businesses that do most of their work without face-to-face interaction. Having strong designs in place allows a greater starting point when drafting content or designing additional web pages and ads, not to mention the necessity for readability in your business’ content.


Graphic Design Helps Establish Professionalism:

One of the most crucial benefits your business can receive as a result of good design work is the reflection it creates of the professional and organized culture of your brand. Handouts and advertisements that lack this focus and are thrown together without a clear design structure communicate to your customer that your business isn’t strong enough to take the time to design a simple, professional-looking piece of material. Every image and item related to your business helps people understand what type of company you are, so it’s important to give them the uniformity and seamless interaction that consumers cling to.

Another aspect of good design is the unity it brings to your team or corporation of employees. People can stand behind a business that looks like a like a thought is going into the appearance and the structure. Give them something to be proud of and spend the time and resources need to establish a great-looking company with graphic design services.


For more numbers on Graphic Design and how it applies to Small Businesses, see the infographic below, from

graphic design small business








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