How To Link A Telephone Number

by Garrett Kite

Jan 10, 2015 | Website Design

If you’re looking for a way to make your website a little more mobile-friendly, here it is:

Include hyperlinks for all your phone numbers!


If you’re reading this blog on a mobile device, try out this example:

Want to say hello? Simply call us at (208) 757-3940!


This comes in handy when a customer lands on your website and is ready to book an appointment. Instead of requiring them to write down or remember your number as they switch out of their mobile browser to dial, they can get in touch with you immediately, adding value and ease to your mobile usability.

In order to link a phone number on your website so that tapping the number initiates a phone call prompt, include the code in blue around your phone number so that your code looks like this:

<p>Get in touch with us by calling <a href=“tel:yourphonenumber”> Your Phone Number</a> today!</p>


It’s that simple!


So the code for our above example would look like this:

<p>Want to say hello? Simply call us at <a href=“tel:2087573940”>(208) 757-3940</a>!</p>

Questions? Just Contact Us and we’ll be in touch!

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