5 Basic Elements of an Irresistible Blog Post

by Adam Hansen

Have you been struggling to write a really good blog post? Are you wondering why the blog posts you have written are not doing as great as you thought? We compiled a list of 5 basic steps you can take right now to make your blog posts irresistible. 

#1 Irresistible Topic Choosing

So what is the secret sauce to making your blog posts irresistible to readers? Make it easy for them to follow. Whether you are writing a blog post that answers a question, shares your new kitchen renovation, or lists the best vacuum cleaners sold on Amazon, your reader must be able to read and then do.

Successful blog posts make it simple for the reader to take the steps to achieve the result they are looking for, or solve the specific problem being addressed. If your audience cannot clearly see the end goal of the post they are less likely to read on.

For example: 5 Basic Elements of an Irresistible Blog Post addresses the problem of creating blogging content that captures readers attention. You know from the start that you will be able to learn actionable steps to writing your own blog post. Similarly, a DIY Kitchen Renovation blog post should include links to products, tips, or steps to help the reader understand how to re-do their own kitchen. Great blogging content addresses a real problem and helps readers know what to do about it.

#2 Include Helpful Navigation Subheadings

No one wants to read a huge block of text. Using informative subheadings will break up your blog post and keep your readers engaged. Additionally, subheadings can also help you include informative keywords so your readers and Google will know what your blog post is all about.

Helpful subheadings also allow for great navigation of the reader. Some of your audience will only be interested in parts of the post you wrote. By including informative subheadings into your blog post, your readers will find the information they are looking for sooner, and are more likely to read your post.

For more information on helping your blog post or website rank higher on Google check out our Search Engine Optimization service.

#3 Add Infographics and Photos

Posts that include images receive 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. (Webdam) When you are battling an audience that scrolls and skims, adding images is critical. Photos and infographics allow your readers the opportunity to stop and think about the points you are making. Photos can also give a reader a good idea about what your blog post is all about, and break up the text. Additionally, infographics can help increase reader understanding of difficult topics and encourage blog shares.

#4 Use A Call-to-action

A call-to-action is a marketing strategy that includes encouraging a viewer to do something. For example: Buy Now buttons and Like What Your See? Share Our Blog Post buttons are both call-to-actions. If you want your readers to take action after reading your blog post you need a call-to-action of some kind. Whether you want them to buy your book, check out your super awesome SEO service, or share your post, a call-to-action is needed to make it much easier for readers to buy, share, or do.

#5 Make Your Blog Post SEO-Friendly

It is simple, really. If no one can see your blog post, then your beautifully written content goes to waste. Our team of SEO experts compiled 9 Steps for Optimizing an SEO-Friendly Blog Post. Once you have completed those nine steps, you are ready to start blogging. Your blog post will be more targeted and helpful towards readers, and better yet, it will be seen!



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