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Are you ranking for your industry?


Rank Higher in Search Results

Kite Media will optimize your website to rank higher in search engine results, improving your online presence.

Show Up on Local Maps

When customers search for your service in their area, are you showing up on the local listings and maps? Kite Media can help you get there.

Impress With Your Online Content

Improve your website content using Kite Media’s team of content designers so that visitors stick around and become customers.

The Importance of a Mobile Presence

Just when you finally got your website up and running, you learned about SEO and discovered that carrying an online presence isn’t just about having a website. Wondering where to go from here? Kite Media offers SEO services for Los Angeles business to grow your online presence quickly and efficiently. The first step is to get you listed on local listing sites so your local presence can start to grow. We’ll optimize your site for great search engine rankings, and then get you listed on some of the top local listing sites like Yelp, InfoGroup, Localeze, and Google Maps. This way, your customers will be sure to find you, no matter whether they’re searching on their laptop or their phone. Call Kite Media today to see what a difference our SEO services can make for your online rankings!

Customer Reviews Spell Trust

In this day and age, you can find reviews for nearly any product or service online. You can say what you’d like to promote your business, but honest customer reviews help to paint a picture that is more trustworthy than your paid promotions. Even if your reviews aren’t all positive, they make a difference both to the search engines and the customers because they portray you as a real, currently operating business. When you respond to reviews, it shows that you care about your public opinion and the community. Reviews are like arrows pointing potential customers to your door. Kite Media will make sure that you are gathering these reviews and in the right places too: your local listings, your website, your Google Plus page – all locations have a different impact on your overall web presence and local search presence in Los Angeles. Call today to learn more.

Great Website Content

Businesses in LA have a lot of competition, because it’s a big industry: how are you making sure that you stand out? Kite Media employs a team of talented content designers and visual designers that can revamp your website into a wealth of information about your company, giving your website traffic something to stick around for. Getting your site loaded with high-quality, keyword-rich content will do a ton for your online presence. We’re eager to help you see that success. Impress your potential customers and search engines like Google with routinely fresh content and reap the benefits of increased online conversions and higher search engine rankings. Get in touch with Kite Media soon to start planning your website overhaul.

Eager to Grow Your Online Presence?

We’re ready to help you improve your web presence with our full array of digital marketing services. In Los Angeles, CA’s fast-paced, ever-growing hub of businesses, it’s important that you stand out to your potential customers and you can do just that with our Search Engine Optimization service. Get in contact with us below to ask questions or to sign up for our SEO service!

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