Why Kite Media Might Not Be a Good Fit for Your Business

by Kym Merrill

Jun 23, 2023 | Business Strategy

At Kite Media, we are proud to offer amazing digital marketing services to our clients. One way we do that is by turning down projects that aren’t the right fit for us. Sometimes this shocks our potential customers, as they assume that we want all of the clients we can possibly get. The truth is, we’re already busy. We have a lot of clients that we love working with, and they continuously refer new potential clients to us. We don’t need to take on every client that comes our way, and so we don’t. We only agree to work with clients who we feel are a great fit and who we truly believe we can help grow their business. 

So what might make your business the wrong fit for Kite Media? 

  1. You’re looking for national marketing. At Kite Media, we love working with local service-based businesses (and by this we mean businesses that serve a set area local to them, not just businesses based in our hometown of Logan, UT). We have mastered the art of local digital marketing, from managing Google Business Profiles to targeting PPC ads to reach customers in a specific geographic area. We wish large national brands and businesses all the best, but our heart (and expertise) is with local businesses. 
  2. You’re looking for someone to build an e-commerce site. If you’re looking to sell stuff online, that’s awesome, but it’s not the right fit for us. We specialize in building informational websites, especially for service-based businesses. Some of the clients we’ve worked with include carpet cleaners, wood refinishers, dentists, doctors, and other similar businesses that provide services, not products. We excel at creating informational websites that explain why your business is the right fit for your customers and drive leads in the form of contact form submissions and phone calls. 
  3. You’re looking for a graphic designer more than a web designer. Creating amazing designs is a core part of our web design process. We design beautiful websites and have even helped customers create logos and other design elements to use on their websites. However, if you are looking for someone to create a full branding package, or you want lots of physical designs such as packaging or mailers in addition to your website, we’re not the right fit. You would be better served by a graphic designer. 
  4. You are looking for immediate results and nothing less. Digital marketing, like all good things, takes time. While we don’t believe in locking clients into a contract, we are only interested in working with clients who understand that services like SEO take some time to get great results, and are willing to stick it out with us while we work our magic.  Canceling SEO after a month is like taking a cake out of the oven five minutes in. You have to give the process time to work, and clients who don’t understand that just won’t be a good fit for our focus on driving long-term results. 

By only taking on clients that are a good fit, we are able to ensure that we offer great service and get great results. We have no desire to waste your time or ours if it’s just not right. 

However, if you’ve read all of this and feel like you are a great fit for Kite Media, please reach out by filling out our contact form or giving us a call at (435) 753-7553! We’d love to chat about how we can help your business succeed online! 

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