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Local listing sites like Google+ Local, Yelp, MerchantCircle and many others play a key role in improving a businesses’ local search visibility. Not only does a listing on one of these sites act as a point of contact for your business with potential customers, but it is also a means of gaining citations from the top search engines. A citation in this case is actually a good thing – the more, the better. A citation results when Google (or any other search engine) finds your core business information (name, address, phone number – NAP) listed online, and can then match that specific listing with another that has the same exact core, or NAP, information. For example, Google finds your business listed on with Business Name 1, Address 1 & Phone Number 1; it then finds your business listed on Angie’s List with the exact same information, and the result is a citation. These citations play a vital role in determining a businesses’ local search rankings.

With that in mind, I have listed Kite Media‘s favorite online local listing sites & directories below. Feel free to use this as a point of reference when building your business’ local search presence. If you know of other sites that we can add to the list, please feel free to send a message and let us know!

Local Listing Sites (phone verification required) (phone verification required)  (phone verification required) (classified listings) ( (business page) (business page) (phone verification required) ( for online verification) (verification required) (verification required) / (phone verification required) (phone verification required) (phone verification required)


Kite Media is not affiliated with or connected to any of the above-listed sites, aside from the fact that we have business listings with many of them. This post is for information only and Kite Media will not be held accountable for content posted on any of the mentioned local listing sites.

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