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Orange County, CA

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Reach the customers that are looking for you.


Rank Higher in Results

Help customers find you in relevant keyword searches.

Local Domination

Prove to Google and your potential clients that you’re the best locally.


Improve Your Site Content

Use attractive features to impress and engage your site audience.


Shift To Mobile Friendly

Impress your mobile users with a responsive website that caters to the mobile nature of most of today’s searches. Kite Media will help you dominate the local search rankings so that when customers are out and about, they’ll find your business in no time. We make our clients our top priority, so you can trust us to stay up-to-date on the changing nature of internet searches and get you the highest ranking possible. Mobile screens are so small these days that you can’t afford to rank naturally – you need that ranking impact now! Call us to have your Orange County business jump ranks today.

Let the Customer Talk For You

One commonly overlooked aspect of search engine optimization is customer reviews. These testimonials have a strong impact on your search rankings, and it’s important to look great wherever your customers are finding your Orange County business; Yelp, Google Plus, or your website. Kite Media’s team will help you manage and acquire more customer testimonials to show off your business in a way that you can’t. People trust their friends and neighbors, and they’ll look to these reviews as an additional confirmation of whether they should use your business or not. Don’t hesitate to call Kite Media with questions about customer reviews and their effect on SEO.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Not only is it important to rank well, but you’ve got to convert that site traffic into customers! Google looks at the quality of content on your website and how often it is updated when determining how to rank sites. Please both your site visitors and the search engines by revamping your website with fresh, informative content that engages your readers and helps them to understand your services. Kite Media will work with your Orange County business to generate content and to re-establish your website as a top competitor in the community.


Ready to reach the top of search results?

Our SEO services in Orange County are perfect for providing exposure for your business and getting you to reach the customers that aren’t currently finding you. Get in touch with Kite Media today to start re-focusing your marketing time and budget in a way that gets results.


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