The Team

Meet the crew that makes up Kite Media.
Garrett Kite, owner and manager

Garrett Kite

Business Development
Originally from Idaho, Garrett spent several years living in Los Angeles before making Utah his home. He has had a passion for entrepreneurship and thought regularly about the idea of starting his own business from an early age. He’s a fan of the outdoors, especially the mountains and lakes and takes any chance he can to visit the beach. He’s somewhat obsessed with cars, and enjoys paddle boarding, playing and watching basketball, and watching college football. Above all else, he loves spending time with his family; Lizzy, Graham & Ava. Garrett enjoys digital marketing because it allows him to combine creativity, strategy, and design to help businesses grow.

Dusty Haws, Pay Per Click specialist

Dustin Haws

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Dusty is a native of San Diego and now calls Utah home. He is a graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Business Administration & Marketing. Dusty loves sports and enjoys watching the San Diego Padres & Utah Jazz, as well as going to the beach. He also enjoys working around the house and going to the gym. As one of our first employees, Dusty still finds satisfaction in helping businesses improve their online presence and enjoys coming to work each day. He also loves spending time with his wonderful wife and two young boys.

Adam Hansen, Male Model

Adam Hansen

Digital Marketing, Web Design
One of our longest-tenured team members, Adam joined the Kite Media team after moving from his hometown of Kaysville, Utah to study at Utah State University in Logan. Most recently he lived in Southern California where he loved the good weather that Utah doesn’t always offer. Adam finds joy in helping others and loves to put his problem-solving and creative skills to the test, especially in the field of digital marketing. Adam loves sports and is always up for a game of pick-up basketball or beach volleyball. He also enjoys playing the guitar and eating Mexican food.

Lizzy Kite, Graphic Designer at Kite Media

Lizzy Kite

Web & Graphic Design
After 3 years of marriage, Lizzy decided it was finally time to join her husband Garrett and the Kite Media team. She was born in Las Vegas and raised in Utah. She graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in Family Finance. After graduation, she worked in the mortgage industry for 3 years doing marketing and office management. She has a passion for web and graphic design and all things creative. Lizzy enjoys playing tennis, watching movies and trying new restaurants.

Kym Merrill, Kite Media

Kym Merrill

Digital Marketing, Writing
Kym joined Kite Media after studying technical communication and marketing at Utah State University, where she was able to gain a wide range of digital marketing skills. She loves being able to use these skills to help others accomplish their business goals and succeed. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing board games, and eating (too much) ice cream.

Picture of Mark Bell, seo specialist

Tom Price

Digital Marketing,
Tom is a native from Logan, he joined the team after graduating in Marketing from Utah State. Professionally he lives and breaths in the digital, staying up on the trends in this ever-changing world.  He loves to discover different cultures, finding every chance to learn about new ways to view the world. To do that Tom is always looking for opportunities to meet new people and discover their passions. In his free time, you might find him discovering new music, playing his ukulele, or visiting a historic exhibit learning about vikings.

Lizzy Kite, Graphic Designer at Kite Media

Braden Cluff

Web Design & Development
Braden was born and raised in Utah, and came to Logan from Lehi just over a year ago. He is a full-stack web developer and has spent 4+ years doing development and web design with experience in the digital marketing industry. Braden took an internship in high school at a digital marketing firm and has worked as a web developer for several companies since. Outside of development he enjoys anything in the outdoors and has a passion for mountain biking. Braden loves hanging out with his dog, a corgi named Dexter, who is the perfect movie companion. Especially for Game of Thrones. He also is an avid video gamer and has dreams of being a professional twitch streamer.

Whitney Gifford, Kite Media

Whitney Gifford

Whitney recently relocated to the east coast but will always call Logan, Utah home. After studying marketing at USU, she worked in B2B sales before spending a year and a half in New Mexico. She saw the early days of Kite Media when attending school with Garrett, and first joined the team in 2015. Whitney is purpose-driven and also currently writes for a non-profit organization. She has a diverse marketing background including content writing, SEO, email marketing, and campaign strategy and development. She loves to write and can do it from just about anywhere, which is perfect for she and her husband’s military lifestyle. She also loves to explore new cities, go to the beach, longboard, read a good book, and have a relaxing Netflix sesh.

Whitney Gifford, Kite Media

Riley Permann-Gubler

Graphic Design
Riley was born and raised in Idaho Falls, but now calls Logan her home. She met her husband at USU and is raising several plants with him. Riley has known that she’s wanted to be a graphic designer since she was in middle school yearbook class. As a graphic designer, she’s now making things way cooler than middle school yearbooks. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, obsessing over art history, and watching Parks and Rec with her husband. She hopes to travel the world someday.

Picture of Mark Bell, seo specialist

Natalie Draper

Digital Marketing
Natalie grew up in Farmington, Utah but has always had the itch to experience new places. She moved to Hawaii after graduating from high school and earned her associate’s degree from BYU-Hawaii. She misses the ocean every day but somehow manages. After an adventure to China to teach English, she transferred to Utah State and found her passion in public relations and marketing. While attending USU, she realized how much she loves to write, create, and learn how to conquer any challenging tasks that come her way. She’s an insomniac, a sucker for salt and vinegar chips, true-crime, playing pranks on her husband, and thinks nothing is cuter than a baby in a Halloween costume.

Whitney Gifford, Kite Media

Chandler Williams

Digital Marketing
Chandler was born in Salt Lake City and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He fell in love with marketing because it allows him to use his creative thinking and problem-solving skills to help others with their needs. Never afraid of a challenge, Chandler relishes in the opportunity to grow and triumph over obstacles. Integrity, resilience, and genuineness are three core values that direct all his actions in his professional and personal life. Although soccer is his biggest passion, he also enjoys watching basketball, dabbles in art, and loves taking in the outdoors. As a bit of a jokester, he is always looking to put a smile on someone’s face.

Whitney Gifford, Kite Media

Tanner Clegg

Digital Marketing
Tanner was born and raised in Draper, Utah and now lives in Logan. He has developed a sincere passion for digital marketing. As a devoted sports enthusiast, when he is not working he is often watching basketball or football. His favorite teams are the Utah State Aggies, Utah Utes, Utah Jazz, and Real Salt Lake. He also loves to talk about all types of food and is always searching for a new restaurant to visit. Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, he aspires to help businesses consistently innovate their digital presence and experience longstanding success.

Picture of Mark Bell, seo specialist

Miranda Tilley

Digital Marketing
Miranda grew up in Burley, Idaho (yes she loves potatoes cut into sticks and fried and no she did not grow up moving pipe or milking cows). She moved to Logan to attend school at USU, later graduating and joining the team at Kite Media. She loves traveling to new places, mainly because she’s always on the search for good food and new vibes. She enjoys taking the time to get lost in a satisfying book, listening to that song that lets you travel back in time to perfectly imperfect moments and of course, hanging out with her adorable cat. She likes to think of herself as spontaneous but the truth is, she’s a planner through and through. And can one really argue that digital marketing is not just that? A happenstance that was intentional.

Picture of Mark Bell, seo specialist

Landen Martindale

Digital Marketing
Landen joined the Kite Media team after graduating from Utah State in Communication Studies. He learned the value of communicating effectively with people around him and applies those same valuable lessons to working with those that wish to improve their online presence. Landen grew up in Eastern Utah but has called Logan home for some time. He loves to be outside year-round as he enjoys skiing in the winter, playing city softball in the summer and loves losing in pickleball to his wife, McKenzie, in any weather. He values spending time with his family above everything else and looks forward to starting a family of his own.

Picture of Mark Bell, seo specialist

Caroline Wilkins

Digital Marketing & Photography
Caroline grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and made her way to Utah to study at Utah State University. She graduated with a degree in marketing and is putting her marketing experience to work as one of the newest members of the Kite Media team. Caroline enjoys being outdoors and will take any opportunity she can find to spend time in the mountains. She loves to rock climb, camp, and bike (ideally she’ll do all three in one trip). Caroline loves the mix of creative and analytical thinking in her marketing position and is excited to be working with our amazing clients.

Picture of Emily Sears, seo specialist

Emily Sears

Digital Marketing
Emily grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and São Paulo, Brazil and decided to attend Utah State University to pursue a degree in technical writing. Besides reading rhetoric and tech theory books, she enjoys listening to podcasts (#1 Radiolab & This American Life fanatic), going to art exhibits, rewatching The Office (for the hundredth time), and traveling with her husband. Emily’s interest in SEO and digital marketing began with a successful internship, and she loves how her interests of writing, marketing, and technology merge in this field.

Picture of Spencer Hulsey, SEO Specialist

Spencer Hulsey

Digital Marketing
Spencer grew up in the city of dreams Lindon, Utah. He moved to Logan in 2015 and graduated from Utah State University with a degree in communication studies. While in school he met his wife Mackenzie and became obsessed with all things communication and enjoys building strong relationships. His work experience in radio broadcasting and digital marketing has strengthened his relationship-building skills and he strives to be a friend to all. Above all else, Spencer is passionate about serving others and loves to do so through simple means like making them laugh and smile.

Picture of Mark Bell, seo specialist


The Baby
Graham joined the Kite Media team a couple years ago and has been an integral part of the team ever since. He stops by the office a couple times a week to check in on things. He honestly doesn’t do very much except give fist bumps when we need encouragement and watches cartoons that we probably enjoy more than he does. He likes rocks.

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“We LOVE Kite Media!! Our business, Anderson Garage Doors, has grown tremendously since they took over our SEO services. They have great ideas and are always willing to help us with any problems or concerns. Garrett and Adam are always available to talk to us and we really appreciate how they look after our business. We never have to worry about anything. We highly recommend Kite Media!”
– Jim & Kristy Anderson, Anderson Garage Doors

“Amazing service! Incredible to work with. These guys know their stuff! Been doing business with Garrett and his crew for several years. Always been very pleased with their efforts! Hope to do business with them for many years to come!”
– Bryce Rounds, St. George Insurance

“Working with Kite Media for our SEO & PPC has been a great experience. They were immediately able to come in and improve several of our keywords in the rankings. They were able to adjust a lot of the keyword bids and reduced our cost-per-click on some words significantly while keeping us high in the search results. They have been able to fine-tune our account since day one to try and get us the best results possible. Organic visits to our website have been trending upwards since they took over! I highly recommend their services!”
– Jordan Connor, Kubex Fitness

“Garrett, Dusty, Colten, and the Kite team are very responsive. Having experienced other less than par web development companies, it has been a breath of fresh air working with the Kite team. They keep the sites and PPC up to date for our multiple companies. Thanks, Kite team.”
– Brian Bartholomew, Bartholomew Enterprises


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