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We’re a small business that is growing quickly and we’re always looking for great people to join the team. We look for individuals with skills in communication, writing, search engine optimization, website design and paid advertising campaign management.

We work primarily with small to medium-sized service businesses, providing website design, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising services. The businesses we work with rely on us to be great communicators and detail-oriented marketers that they can trust to take the marketing burden off of their shoulders, and that’s exactly what we do. Our ideal team member is hard-working, honest, enjoys working with a team & helping clients.

If you think you would be a good fit and would like to explore the opportunity of working with us, send a message using the form below & let’s talk.


Garrett, Kite Media


Originally from Idaho, Garrett has spent the past 14 years in Utah and now calls Cache Valley home. His interest in entrepreneurship started at an early age and the idea of running his own business eventually became the goal. While in college, he started freelancing in website design and digital marketing, which led to the start of Kite Media. Eventually, he pivoted from freelancing and began bringing others onboard to help handle the workload. Today, he wears a few different hats at KM but spends most of his time managing the various responsibilities that come with owning a small business. He’s a fan of the outdoors, especially the mountains and lakes and takes any chance he can to visit the beach. He’s obsessed with cars, loves technology, enjoys paddle boarding, and playing and watching a variety of sports. Above all, he loves spending time with his family. Garrett enjoys digital marketing because it allows him to combine creativity, strategy, and design to help other small businesses grow.


dusty - kite media

Pay-Per-Click Service Manager

Dusty is a native of San Diego who now calls Utah home. He likes the beach, but has always been drawn to beautiful Cache Valley. He is a graduate of Utah State University with a degree in business administration & marketing. Dusty loves sports and enjoys watching the San Diego Padres & Utah Jazz, and of course his beloved Utah State Aggies. He enjoys playing in the backyard with his kids or going on family bike rides, and getting a soild workout in at the gym. He also lived in South Africa for several years and hopes to go back some day. As one of our first employees, Dusty still finds satisfaction in helping businesses improve their online presence and enjoys coming to work each day. He also loves spending quality time with his wonderful wife and four kids.


Adam - Kite Media

Web Design Service Manager

One of our longest-tenured team members, Adam joined the Kite Media team after moving from his hometown of Kaysville, Utah to study at Utah State University. Adam manages our website design service and loves web design because it requires both creativity and technical skills. When he's not making a new website, Adam spends time with his wife and kids. He's also a big fan of the Utah Jazz, home improvement shows, Mexican food, and playing the guitar.


Lizzy - kite media

Web & Graphic Design

Lizzy is a co-owner of Kite Media and plays a key role in the big picture decision making process. On top of that, she keeps the office well-stocked with soda, chips, candy, and anything else we need. She graduated from Utah State University with a degree in family finance and worked in the mortgage and real estate industries for several years doing marketing and office management. Always involved in the day-to-day of the business, Lizzy decided it was finally time to go all in and join her husband Garrett and the Kite Media team in 2015. She has a passion for web and graphic design and all things creative. Her natural eye for design played a major part in the design and renovation of our current office space. Outside of work, Lizzy's a mom boss that loves fun activities with her kids, planning, organizing, playing tennis, watching movies, traveling, and trying new restaurants.


Kym - kite media

Digital Marketing Service Manager, Editor

Kym is one of our longest-tenured employees. She joined Kite Media after studying technical communication and marketing at Utah State University, where she was able to gain a wide range of digital marketing skills. She's our resident SEO expert and makes sure we're all up-to-date with the latest changes in a constantly evolving digital marketing world. She has an eye for detail and helps us keep the quality of our work where it needs to be by reviewing and editing all that we do. She loves being able to use her broad digital marketing skillset to help others accomplish their business goals and succeed. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing board games, and eating (too much) ice cream. She is the mom to a sweet baby girl.


whitney - kite media


Whitney lives in CA but will always call Utah home. She works remotely and helps our team by writing copy for websites, social media posts, and many other copywriting needs we have. After studying marketing at USU, she worked in B2B sales before beginning to freelance as a copywriter. She saw the early days of Kite Media when attending school with Garrett, and first began working with the team back in 2015. Whitney is purpose-driven and also works as a loan officer for a mortgage lender and writes for a non-profit organization. She has a diverse marketing background including content writing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and campaign strategy and development. She loves to write and can do it from just about anywhere, which is perfect for she and her husband’s military lifestyle. She also loves to explore new cities, go to the beach, longboard, read a good book, and have a relaxing Netflix sesh.


natalie - kite media

Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist

Natalie grew up in Farmington, Utah but has always had an itch to experience new places. She earned her associate’s degree from BYU-Hawaii before transferring to Utah State where she graduated with a degree in public relations and marketing. Natalie loves the opportunity to create and find effective ways to conquer any new and challenging tasks that come her way. She loves a good book, hanging out with her husband, and can easily down a whole bag of salt and vinegar chips in one sitting. She also thinks nothing is cuter than a baby in a Halloween costume.


tanner - kite media

Digital Marketing, Video Editing

Tanner is a Utah-native that originally joined the Kite Media team while pursuing a degree in marketing at USU. Through these experiences he has developed a sincere passion for digital marketing. In addition to his digital marketing skill, his forte is video editing and he does an amazing job of making our video content look awesome. He's known for winning the hustle award at Matt Harpring's basketball camp in 2005 and recently won the award for "SEO Man of The Year" in 2021. As a devoted sports enthusiast, he is often watching basketball or football in his free time. His favorite teams are the Utah State Aggies, Utah Utes, Utah Jazz, and Real Salt Lake. He also loves to talk about all types of food and is always searching for a new restaurant to visit. Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, he aspires to help businesses consistently improve when it comes to their digital presence.


spencer - kite media

SEO Service Manager, PPC Specialist

Spencer grew up in the city of dreams, aka Lindon, Utah. He graduated from Utah State University with a degree in communication studies. While in school he met his wife, Mackenzie, and became obsessed with all things communication. He enjoys building strong relationships, and his work experience in radio broadcasting and digital marketing has strengthened those relationship-building skills. Spencer strives to be a friend to all. Above all else, he is passionate about serving others and loves to do so through simple means like making them laugh and smile. Spencer has a knack for breaking the ice in any situation and is known for welcoming our new hires with his hilarious get-to-know-you questions.


megan - kite media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Megan was born in Logan, Utah, but grew up in Denver, Colorado. She eventually made her way back to Logan to study at Utah State University, where she graduated in marketing. While at school, she met her husband, Evan, and they decided to make Logan their home. She loves to not only curl up with a good book or binge watch The Great British Baking Show with her husband, but to travel and go on new adventures! Megan has always loved to dabble with her creative side, as well as take deep dives into the analytics, making digital marketing the perfect career for her interests.


hannah - kite media

Digital Marketing

Hannah is from Las Vegas and will always be a desert girl at heart. She moved to Utah to pursue her degree in marketing at Utah State University. Hannah is always trying out new plant-based recipes and is famous for her vegan green curry. She loves taking care of her house plants, online shopping, and a good reality TV show. Her all time favorite thing to do is travel with her husband, and her favorite destination includes anywhere with a beach. Hannah has a passion for digital marketing and loves using her creativity to help businesses succeed.


graham kite

The Kid

Graham joined Kite Media a few years ago and has been an integral part of the team ever since. He stops by the office a few times a week to check in on things. He honestly doesn’t do very much except give fist bumps when we need encouragement and watches cartoons that we probably enjoy more than he does. He likes dinosaurs, legos and drawing.


taylor - kite media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Taylor grew up in small-town Shelley, Idaho before moving to Logan to attend Utah State University. Although he ultimately finished his degree in business management through BYU-Idaho, he is still a Utah State Aggie at heart. He enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, son, and dog, and absolutely loves being a dad. According to his wife, Taylor is a little too obsessed with football and basketball, and he won't deny that. In addition to watching and playing football, he is always looking for more people to challenge in fantasy football each year. Taylor is a people person that loves creating lasting relationships with others and being a friend to all. He has a passion for helping others grow and succeed in business and loves seeing our clients' businesses grow over time.


Aaron - Kite Media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Aaron grew up in Logan, Utah and graduated from Utah State with a degree in communication studies. Aaron is a die-hard NBA and BYU Cougars fan. He enjoys playing basketball as much as possible, and currently leads the Kite Media rec ball team in scoring (although he won't admit it). You can also find him hitting the greens for a round of golf whenever possible. He's a devout Wordle player and is proud to currently hold the title of best in the office. He loves books, Raising Cane’s chicken, and his guitar. The thing Aaron loves more than anything is spending time with his wife, Mikaylie. Aaron was drawn to digital marketing because it merges his love of writing with his interest in helping small businesses grow.


jordan - kite media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jordan is from Chicago and came to Logan to attend USU back in 2015. Having graduated in communications and entrepreneurship, Jordan is passionate about helping businesses grow and develop. After living in France for a year and a half, Jordan is fluent in French and loves everything to do with French style and culture. On the weekends, you can find Jordan playing pickleball, cooking, or working on her small business.


ashley - kite media

Pay-Per-Click Specialist

Ashley grew up in Eagle Mountain, Utah, and moved to Logan to attend Utah State. She received a degree in social media marketing and joined the Kite Media team shortly thereafter. Ashley decided to pursue digital marketing because she loves creating things that achieve results. She’s also a big fan of spending time with her husband, finding good memes, and traveling to new places.

Josh W

josh w - kite media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Josh grew up in Layton, Utah, and attended Utah Valley University where he studied digital marketing. He has always been interested in digital marketing due to its ever-evolving nature that requires constant learning and growth. In his free time, he loves to fish and camp, and when he’s inside, he cheers on his favorite hockey team, the (not-so-successful) Philadelphia Flyers, and spends time with his wife, Ellie, and his son, Dax. He loves being able to help others improve their online presence through digital marketing.


quinton - kite media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Quinton is an Ogden, Utah native who now lives in the Salt Lake area. Attending Weber State University, Quinton earned his degree in communication with a minor in marketing. He loves SEO and thinks ranking at the top of Google search results might be the best feeling in the world! Quinton enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife, Erin, and son, Paxton. He is also a huge sports fan, tuning into the UFC each weekend, supporting the NY Giants, and waking up early to watch the German soccer league. Quinton is a business advocate and loves seeing small businesses success through digital marketing.


bryson - kite media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Bryson is an up-and-coming SEO specialist. He has an amazing wife and a cute and cuddly dog (usually). Bryson has a passion for sports, especially basketball, but has, unfortunately, given up hope that the Utah Jazz can win when it counts. He loves a good mix of enjoying the outdoors, and staying in to watch great movies, such as one of his favorites, Nacho Libre. He loves to laugh and work with others in a team environment. Bryson stays away from pickles and olives at all costs. He enjoys the SEO process and the flexibility that it provides, while also allowing him to make a difference for our clients through his work.


kelsey - kite media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kelsey is originally from Woods Cross, Utah, and has called Cache Valley home since 2017. She graduated from Utah State University with a bachelors degree in marketing, and recently finished up her Masters in Business Administration. She brings a background in eCommerce to the Kite team and loves helping others grow their businesses with SEO. Kelsey loves spending time with her husband and son, watching Formula 1, listening to podcasts and music, spending time outdoors, and riding horses.


alec - kite media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Alec is a Utah native currently pursuing an IS degree at Utah State University. He loves to try new things and is always caught up in a different hobby. Alec has found a knack for digital marketing, having worked with businesses and non-profits both large and small. He enjoys riding (mostly wrenching) on his collection of 5 vintage mopeds and motorcycles, surfing in the ocean, and spending time on the boat with his family.


sammie - kite media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sammie is a Cache Valley native and a Utah State University graduate, where she competed as a Division 1 Athlete playing soccer. She studied Marketing and earned a Master of Business Administration. She is determined to use her marketing skills to help others reach their business goals and win! She enjoys watching and playing sports, reading, and finding new, yummy recipes in her spare time.


Nate - Kite Media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nate grew up in Herriman, UT, and moved to Logan to pursue a degree in marketing from Utah State University. While studying, he found that he took a particular interest in digital marketing and loved the concept of helping businesses grow based on data. This ultimately led him to his current role as an SEO specialist here with KM. Nate enjoys a variety of sports, music from the 60s-80s, film photography, and spending time with his wife and family.

Ashley G

Ashley G - Kite Media

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ashley grew up in Logan, UT. Raised an Aggie, she stayed to get her Information Systems degree from Utah State University. Go Aggies! She is passionate about helping small companies reach their full potential in the online space. In the warmer months, she loves being outside whether that is in the mountains or at an outdoor concert. In the winter, you can find her cuddled up listening to the newest true-crime podcast or spending time with her husband and their dog.

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