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Ready to Dominate the Rankings?


Show Up First In Search Rankings

Dominate the screen with first place rankings, every time.

Monitor Your Rankings

With PPC, you can keep track of your ads and analyze the results with real-time analytics.



Choose Where You Show Up

Target your customers specifically with catered PPC ads and campaigns that will get the most attention.



The Mobile Impact

Have you ever noticed how much of your mobile screen is taken up by paid ads when searching online? That’s right; it’s about 67%, at least! This means that your St. George customers won’t even see your site without scrolling to the organic ads if you aren’t using Pay-Per-Click. When the answer to their query is taking up the screen, how many of them actually scroll further down the results? If a large amount of your customers are searching for you on their phones it doesn’t matter if you’re ranking #1 organically; Pay-Per-Click is the answer to get more customers and dominate your local industry.

Fast Turnaround

When you’re in an industry where time is money, it’s important to see fast results from your marketing campaigns. Pay-Per-Click provides nearly instantaneous results as ads can begin running immediately, and customers can call you as soon as they make their initial search for your service in the St. George area. You don’t participate in the optimize-and-wait game that you would expect from search engine optimization. Kite Media’s PPC service brings you answers and insights into your online presence that help you reallocate your marketing budget and save money on mass advertising. Get instantaneous results and an increased ROI for your marketing dollars with Pay-Per-Click services from Kite Media.


Another great benefit that Pay-Per-Click offers is its versatility and flexibility. You can easily change your campaigns, with immediate results. You can also test out which ad varieties bring in more customers. This flexibility is an asset to your business’ marketing strategy that can’t be matched by other services, but will definitely be supplemented by them. Get in touch today and see the powerful impressions that paid ads in St. George, Utah can make. You will not regret it!

Live Reports

Hands down, the best part of Pay-Per-Click advertising is the live reporting. You can easily track which campaigns are most successful in St. George and which get the most interaction. Real-time reports allow you to see your numbers grow and understand precisely which changes you’ve made are coming into play. This also comes into play with the flexibility to change up campaigns with Pay-Per-Click. This live reporting is a necessity in today’s fast-paced internet-driven world, so take advantage of this form of advertising as soon as it fits your business strategy!

Don’t Put Off These Benefits!

Your potential clients are searching online for your products and services every day. If they can’t find you, then you’re missing out on new business. Own the competition by utilizing our Pay-Per-Click Advertising service for St. George businesses, then wait and see what a difference PPC makes on your business’ online success.

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