7 Resolutions for Service-Based Businesses in 2024

by Kym Merrill

Jan 4, 2024 | Business Strategy

It’s that time of year again when we set resolutions and work to improve ourselves. However, if you are a service-based business owner, have you considered setting resolutions for your business? Setting small goals now can have a big impact on your business if you work on them all year. Here are a few resolution ideas for small service businesses. 

1. Update your website.

It’s the year 2024, and your website should reflect that. If it’s been a while since you built your website, it might be time for a brand new web design. If your site looks good, it’s still important to take a minute to comb through your site. Is everything accurate? Is it easy to find what customers might be looking for? 

To take it to the next level: Take a deep dive into your analytics to find out which pages are performing best and which are underperforming, and vow to fix it. 

2. Ask your customers for reviews.

Reviews are amazing for small businesses. Getting good reviews on your Google Business Profile can help your business rank better, help increase conversions by increasing customer confidence, and help your online presence in general. When you finish a service, take a minute to ask your customer for a review, or leave a review link card with them. 

To take it to the next level: ask your customers to send you a copy of the review that they post on Google. Google’s spam filter is a little too aggressive and deletes perfectly good reviews. If you have a copy of the review, you can dispute it if it gets removed, or at least use it on your site and other marketing materials.

3. Network.

As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Connect with other business owners in your area. They can offer you advice, support, and maybe even referrals. Get creative. If you offer remodeling services, connect with the realtors in your area and ask them to refer their clients to you when they purchase a home that needs some work.  

To take it to the next level: get to know the businesses in your field around your service area. Especially if you are a franchise, then you should build a relationship with the franchises near you. You can refer customers outside of your service area to these nearby businesses, and hopefully get some referrals back. 

4. Grow your email marketing list.

Are you collecting emails for an email marketing list? If not, 2024 is the year to start. Ask your customers to opt into your email list (do not just add them yourself, it’s important to have them opt in!) when they schedule your services or in exchange for a coupon or other incentive. 

To take it to the next level: if they have opted into emails, remind customers when it’s time to schedule their next appointment with you. For instance, if you clean carpets, six months after their previous cleaning, send your customer an email reminding them to schedule their next appointment.

5. Outsource your marketing.

You’re the expert at the services you provide, but you’re probably not a marketing expert. If that’s the case, this is the year to outsource your marketing efforts to the experts. Let search engine optimization experts get your website ranking on Google and pay-per-click ad experts drive leads while you do your job. 

To take it to the next level: if you already use a digital marketing team, schedule a meeting with them to check in and see how things are going. Are you meeting your goals? Could you expand your budget and get better results? Is there any content you can provide to help your marketing efforts? Find out! 

6. Invest in growth.

Is there equipment that could help level up your business? Maybe there’s a new skill or offering that you could learn? Take a class, complete a training, find a way to expand your offerings. 2024 is the year to invest in the growth of your business!

Take it to the next level: consider expanding your business by investing in hiring new employee(s), allowing you to take on more work. 

7. Plan a vacation.

If you’re like most small business owners, you work all the time. Take a look at your calendar right now and block off a week in your slow season to take a break for yourself. You’ve earned it!

Take it to the next level: plan more than one break for yourself! Be sure to write it in your calendar and commit to really resting and relaxing. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to work harder. 

We hope that 2024 is the best year for your business yet! If you need help with your web design or marketing to make that happen, Kite Media can help! We work exclusively with service-based businesses of all kinds, and we have perfected our processes to get you great website, SEO, and PPC results. 

Which resolution will you make for your small business this year? 

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