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Will your customers find your website?


Boost Your Rankings

Get your website to show up above your competition in search engine results.

Spread Out Your Local Presence

Dominate the local Maps and mobile apps for your customers searching in Sacramento, CA.

Create Compelling Content

Impress your website traffic with content that answers their questions and develops a following for your brand.

Embrace the Mobile Movement

When it comes to ranking in search engine results, just getting to the front page is hard work. Consider how many people are not searching on a desktop computer, but rather their mobile phones or tablets. The further they have to scroll, the less likely it is that they are even going to see your website in the results. In this era of modern technology that is always being updated, it’s more important than ever to rank well in mobile searches for customers in your market. In an area like Sacramento, where there are lots of people and heavy competition, it’s worth your time and effort to invest in a proven SEO strategy that will give you the exposure and online rankings your business deserves. Contact Kite Media today to see how our team can boost your rankings to help you dominate mobile searches in Sacramento. Don’t be left behind in this market shift.

Soliciting Reviews

Online reviews are an important part of consumer research that a lot of businesses are missing out on. Reviews and testimonials on both your website and your local listing sites help potential clients understand more of the benefits from your product or service than you may be able to advertise on your own in Sacramento, CA. They also show other customers that you are currently operating, and that people feel passionate enough about what you offer to leave you a review. Bad reviews can also bring to your attention issues of which you weren’t already aware. View them as a free survey to customers that have experienced your product or services. Monitoring and responding to both positive and negative reviews can take quite some time, so let Kite Media handle the review maintenance and acquisition for you. You will be glad you did!

Sacramento SEO That Works

Sure you get lots of website traffic, but are you paying attention to your bounce rate? When people land on either a page that doesn’t answer their question or a site that doesn’t look appealing enough to stay around, you’re loosing potential business. Our Kite Media team will review your website and generate search-engine approved content that also appeals to potential customers, piquing their interest and converting them to paying customers. It’s worth having our team take a look into your website to see what can be done to improve your search engine ranking. This provides you with a decreased bounce rate and better search rankings in Sacramento. Improve your online acquisition and contact Kite Media today!

Ready To Boost Your SEO?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kite Media and see how our search engine optimization services in Sacramento can boost your business as well as your online presence! Simply message us using the form below to sign up or ask questions about our Sacramento SEO service.

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