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Salt Lake City, UT

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Want to Rank First?


Rank Higher Than Anyone

A solid PPC campaign puts you in the top section of search results automatically.

Monitor Your Campaigns

Organize the acquisition and click data from PPC to see how customers are finding you online.


Target Specific Audiences

Create campaigns and ad groups that target specific geographic areas or demographics.


Mobile Is Changing The Game

Have you noticed how only a few search results show up when doing a Google or Bing search on a mobile device? These few search results are generally paid ads, generated by PPC campaigns. Most searches get up to three paid ads at the top of the rankings, and for mobile screens, that’s pretty much all you’ll see. This helps to illustrate that the impact from PPC on a mobile device is HUGE. As the mobile searches performed world-wide continue to increase, you’re taking a huge risk by not utilizing Pay-Per-Click for your business in Salt Lake City. How far past those first few results are your Salt Lake customers going to scroll? Not very far. Be the top result.

See Immediate Results

One great benefit from PPC is the quick turnaround. The minute you set up your account, your ads start showing for searches in your Salt Lake City areas. With SEO, you have to play the waiting game while Google or the other search engines trust your website and slowly raise it in the search results. That’s not the case for Pay-Per-Click. We get that your time is money, because we’re a business too and we’re all about maximizing efficiency. Well, in this case, PPC is money too, because the sooner and more often you show up in Salt Lake search results, the more business you’ll get.


You’re In Control

Another added benefit of utilizing Kite Media’s PPC service is the flexibility involved. You can start or pause your Adwords service at any time during the month. You can also allocate different amounts of money to your various budgets for your service areas. If your business picks up in your southern Salt Lake areas, you can move some money from your southern areas’ budget to those northern areas and get a bigger bang for your buck! No other internet marketing service beats the flexibility and customization that comes from Pay-Per-Click.


Real-Time Reporting

The final benefit from Pay-Per-Click (on this list, at least) is the live reporting and real-time data that you get as a result of the high-quality tracking software Google Adwords provides. PPC gives you answers and insights into your online presence and activity that you wouldn’t otherwise understand. You can see all the details of your Salt Lake City, UT ads and track results. In this day and age of fast-paced business, this real-time reporting comes in handy. Let Kite Media handle your PPC where your business wouldn’t otherwise have the time. We can really grow your business with our digital marketing services, and Pay-Per-Click is the perfect solution for any business.

See how PPC can put your website at the top!

Sign up today and see what a difference PPC can make for your online business success. Your marketing budget is crucial to your business’ growth, but allocating more towards online advertising will result in a huge impact in the Salt Lake area and market. Get in touch with Kite Media today!

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