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Salt Lake City, UT

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Can your customers find you online?


Increase Your Web Rankings

Climb up the organic search results with our proven SEO strategies.

Be Visible Locally

Create a strong local presence on Google Maps and other local listing sites.

Improve Your Website Content

Attract new customers with engaging content that retains visitors to your site.

The Mobile Movement

With the exponential increase in mobile users and local searches, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you rank well for mobile search results in Salt Lake City, UT. While Salt Lake is a big city, Kite Media can get your business listed on the top local listing sites, including Google Plus, Yelp,, Bing, and CitySearch. The more local listings your business is listed on, the higher the visibility you can enjoy with online customers. Potential clients are performing more searches while they’re out and about, using their mobile devices. Let’s make sure you stand out above the competition.

Earning Customer Reviews

Mobile apps and review sites are becoming more and more popular. In this day and age, reviews on local listing sites can make or break your business’ internet success. Kite Media’s SEO service will ensure that your business is listed on the top review sites so your Salt Lake City customers can leave reviews of your services, helping you gain even more customers. Reviews can be a major selling point at each benchmark of consumer design during a purchase. Consumer action is just as heavily decided by online reviews as by friends’ recommendations. By encouraging and monitoring these reviews, you can maintain a solid online image, and we’re ready to help you do just that.

Engaging Content

Fixing you up with a solid online presence and increasing local website traffic aren’t the only benefits of Kite Media’s Salt Lake City SEO services. You website doesn’t do much if potential customers leave just after landing on your site. It’s important for both your rankings and your bounce rate to keep potential consumers engaged while visiting your website. Leave it to Kite Media to create engaging content and answer their questions. Our dedicated team of content writers and creative designers will revamp your website with the right content, design, and targeted calls to action that will help your potential customers become loyal, returning customers in no time.

Like What You See?

Kite Media is ready to bring your business online success with our Search Engine Optimization services in Salt Lake City, UT. Size and population are huge factors in local success, so let Kite Media help to grow your business in the Salt Lake area with our internet marketing services. Send us a message and see your business soar!

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