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Ready to beat your competition?


Start Ranking Higher

Raise your average search engine ranking result with optimized website content.

Show Up Locally In Your Area

Dominate local searches with a presence on local apps like Google Maps and Yelp.

Show Off A Website With Compelling Content

Be proud of the content on your website because it is engaging and interesting to your visitors.

Show Up on Mobile Devices

These days, customers are using their phones and tablets almost more often than desktops to complete local searches. Considering the small screen with which you have to gain their attention, it’s more important than ever to be ranking at the top of search engine results above other businesses in the San Francisco area. Get in touch with Kite Media to let our team of experts optimize your website and get you ranked on the top local listing sites so that you can deliver your goods and services to the customers in San Francisco that are searching for just what you offer.

Get Customer Reviews To Boost Credibility

How often do you purchase something online that has a ton of bad reviews? Never, because that’s not what you are looking for. You need to consider how your business reputation or lack of one is influencing potential online customers’ decisions. Are your San Francisco customers viewing your business higher than your competition? If you aren’t sure of your customer review strategy, enlist Kite Media to take care of review monitoring and acquisition for your company and see your business grow!

Overhaul Your Website

It’s all well and good to have an SEO strategy that ranks you at the top of search results. But how is your bounce rate? The higher it is, the more necessary a website overhaul can be for your online business strategy. Our SEO services include website content generation and revamp to ensure the highest quality information on your site. The content designers at Kite Media are eagerly awaiting the chance to revamp your website with localized content that answers questions and engages your San Francisco, CA customers to keep them on the website longer, thus increasing your ROI. Don’t miss out on potential business because your website is lacking. Sign up today and see immediate improvement.

 Eager to Grow Your Business?

The best time to tackle your SEO strategy is now, and Kite Media will help you do just that. We can cater your website to the San Francisco customers that are looking for exactly your products and services, and grow your online presence at the same time. Get in touch today and quit missing out on that extra business!


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