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The Mobile Movement

With the mobile trend increasing exponentially, another hurdle has been added to the internet marketing race: mobile searches. Searches performed on smartphones and tablets don’t have as big a screen to show results, so that means it’s more important than ever to be ranking well. Studies say that over half of people that own a smartphone also own a tablet, and than means that more and more searches are being performed on those technologies than ever before. Another potential problem is whether not your website has been optimized for mobile screens and users. If a potential customer lands on what appears to be a broken site, they’ll bounce right off and choose one of your competitor’s mobile-friendly websites. Tackle this growing trend in Seattle, WA with SEO from Kite Media today, and see your business grow.

The Importance of Reviews In Search Results

Most customers check reviews before they purchase a product online, or testimonials before they schedule a service. If you don’t have any of these reviews or testimonials online, you’re missing out on a ton of business. We know that, as a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate, so let Kite Media handle management and acquisition of customer reviews on your website and local listings. You must win the trust of your Seattle customers through careful attention to review acquisition and management. Use Kite Media’s SEO service to look great on review outlets and deliver your website to those looking for your services.

Create Engaging Information

Once you’ve got a customer on your website, do they know where to find their requested information? Is the site engaging and informative? If it’s not, your bounce rate is going to increase with each visit. Kite Media’s search engine optimization services will revamp your website to make sure the content caters to your Seattle customers. Our team of content designers will develop custom pages on your website that cater to your target audience, bring a specific range of clientele to your site, and get you a better value for your money. Get in touch today to see how we can improve your website!

Ready To Grow Your Online Presence?

There’s no better time to jump on the internet marketing bandwagon, and Kite Media is the agency to use. Seattle is a big area, so it’s important to know who to target, and how. We’ve got you covered, and now all you need to do is shoot us a message below to get started:

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