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It’s no secret that websites that rank at the top of search results get more traffic, and increased traffic typically yields more new customers. If your business isn’t visible in search results, you’re missing out on customers. It’s pretty simple really.

People are searching online for…

Does your business show up?

How Kite Media Can Help

Ranking in Search Results

Without website optimization, the search engine crawlers don’t know what you offer, and your potential customers can’t find you online. Kite Media will establish your website with great content and constant refreshers.

Get on the Maps

Rank on local apps like Google Maps, Yelp, and other popular mobile search tools. In this day and age of mobile dominance, it’s important to not forget the traffic a well-ranked site will get on mobile devices.

Target Specific Areas

Cater your website and your marketing to specific geographic areas with custom SEO by Kite Media. A website overhaul can really make your site more attractive to search engines and customers.

Our Process


Step One: Research

We’ll research your target market and develop a strategy that appeals to those targets in local search results.


Step Two: Build

We’ll create engaging content to help your site stand out to both visitors and search engines.


Step Three: Evaluate

In a short time, you’ll see the results of our work and we can evaluate what techniques work to better suit your business needs.


Step Four: Track

You’ll receive a monthly report explaining both your increase in site traffic and your organic search rankings.

Start Showing Up In Search Results With SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, and it is the core of our services at Kite Media. We make sure that your business gets a large exposure online to turn even more followers into committed customers. Even though search engines have become more and more complex, our SEO service helps the engines understand what each page is about, and how it may be helpful for the end user. There is so much that you can do just on your website alone to provide the search engines with a better idea of what services and goods you offer and help you rank higher in their targeted results.

spencer the SEO manager doing seo work

To remain competitive online, it’s necessary to engage in online marketing strategies, and to stay consistent with those strategies. More and more websites each day compete for attention and placement in the rankings. The businesses that have the best understanding of good search engine optimization practices get amplified traffic and a better overall presence. Let the digital marketing experts at Kite Media make you more visible on the web.

Some of our SEO Fans

We LOVE Kite Media!! Our business, Anderson Garage Doors, has grown tremendously since they took over our SEO services. They have great ideas and are always willing to help us with any problems or concerns. Garrett and Adam are always available to talk to us and we really appreciate how they look after our business. We never have to worry about anything. We highly recommend Kite Media!

Jim & Kristy A.

Anderson Garage Doors

I’ve used many SEO/PPC services before and unfortunately all delivered subpar results over a period of several months if not a year or longer. So, to say I am hesitant when I sign up with a new digital marketing service provider is an understatement, however the team at Kite Media is knocking it out the park. Aside from the quality of their services, the communication is excellent. You never have to chase anyone down and deliverables are always front and center. There’s no question about what kind of work they did as I started seeing results after two months (SEO services). They’re just thorough all around. Their reporting and their communication and the quality of work they do is epic. You won’t find another similar company that delivers like these guys do. 10 stars if I could!


Ryan O'Quinn

Bombs Away!

We are very pleased at our first place ranking on the maps!! Thank you very much! We received a huge water damage job last week because a customer saw all our Google reviews & then a few days later we got another even larger water damage job…We have almost 5 times the number of reviews as any carpet cleaner in the area. Thanks for all your team’s talent in keeping us number one in Lafayette. We are glad we found you.

Steven B.

Chem-Dry of Lafayette

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