pay-per-click management


Kite Media provides business owners with the ability to market their products and services over a broad array of popular websites and search results through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. You choose a geographic area where you want your ads to appear and we make sure that your ads are seen at the local level.


With over 10 years of combined pay-per-click advertising experience and more than 100 clients served, we’ve learned what it takes to create a successful campaign. We pay attention to detail when it comes to ad targeting, scheduling, A/B testing, conversion & call tracking, and custom landing page creation. We understand that successful PPC campaigns are about more than just the ads themselves, which is why we also make sure your website is ready to convert traffic into sales. We are pros in search, display, remarketing, YouTube and shopping ads and work with a wide range of budgets – large and small.


Do a Google search for your product or service from a mobile device and you will see that the majority of the search results page is made up of paid ads. For most search results, your entire screen and the initial scroll will be comprised of these ads. Even if your website ranks first organically (the results below the ads) a person will have to scroll several times to get past the paid ads to find you. Unless a potential customer is looking for your business by name, the odds of them scrolling all the way down to the organic results are slim. Utilize PPC to make your website stand out to customers who are searching from their mobile devices.


We work tirelessly to test, tweak and improve by making continual updates to ad text, ad design, bids, keyword targeting and audience targeting. Pay-per-click advertising is not and should not be treated as a set-it-and-forget-it type of advertising. Ongoing work is required to get the most out of your ad campaigns. With Kite Media, your ads will be managed on a daily basis with continual A/B testing to ensure you are achieving the highest ROI possible. We work within your budget to optimize your ad campaigns for the actions you want, whether that be increased phone calls, contact form submissions, purchases or sign-ups.


Unlike other digital marketing methods that may take months or more to deliver quantifiable results, pay-per-click advertising provides an opportunity to generate new business with quick turnaround times and trackable results. Whether you’re new to PPC, have been managing it on your own or are looking to make a switch from your current PPC provider, our team will help you achieve a greater return-on-investment by putting our tried & tested setup and optimization techniques to work. We’ll provide highly accurate tracking information based on the actions that matter most to you and focusing on your return on investment.

So How Does PPC Work?

Pay-Per-Click involves creating ads, both text-based and image/banner ads, through programs such as Google Ads. These ads will then appear online based on specific search terms and interests of users. Your ad can appear whenever someone searches for criteria matching your keywords.

You’ll start seeing your PPC ads immediately and they can be easily tracked – even better, you only pay for the ads that get clicks. We will help you understand what your potential customers and clients are searching for online, enabling us to shape your ads and promotions to provide the greatest return on investment. We monitor and update your ads to make sure you’re never overspending and that you’re getting the most value out of the service.

This process can seem overwhelming, but it is essential to the success of any business. Let us take the complication out of reaching your online customers by creating and managing your targeted PPC campaigns.

pay-per-click management

Google Ads Certified

We are a Google certified partner – meaning we have a proven track record of showing both Google and our clients that we’re experts when it comes to pay-per-click advertising.

In order to achieve partner status, we had to pass exams, maintain high advertising standards and continually stay on top of current best practices and policies. Check out Google’s Advertiser Guide to see what you need to look for when choosing an advertising partner.

The PPC Process

Step One: Research

Our team will learn the ins and outs of your business – what you do, how you do it and who your customers are. We then use a variety of tools to research your industry, search trends and the competition. We work to create the most efficient account setup possible.


Step Two: Build

We’ll discuss your advertising objectives with you and create ad campaigns that are optimized to achieve your goals. This includes ad creation & design, landing page creation, conversion tracking and anything else we need to build to ensure your account is successful.


Step Three: Improve

A key aspect to any successful PPC campaign is continual testing & improvement. Our pay-per-click service is not a set-it-and-forget-it effort. We continually work to analyze, research, implement, test & tweak to get the most out of your ads and ad spend.

Step Four: Report

We provide a monthly report that outlines the results of your ad campaigns through detailed metrics and a personalized explanation. In addition, we’re happy to discuss your account personally. We also provide you with direct account access so that you can check in any time.

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“We LOVE Kite Media!! Our business, Anderson Garage Doors, has grown tremendously since they took over our SEO services. They have great ideas and are always willing to help us with any problems or concerns. Garrett and Adam are always available to talk to us and we really appreciate how they look after our business. We never have to worry about anything. We highly recommend Kite Media!”
– Jim & Kristy Anderson, Anderson Garage Doors

“Amazing service! Incredible to work with. These guys know their stuff! Been doing business with Garrett and his crew for several years. Always been very pleased with their efforts! Hope to do business with them for many years to come!”
– Bryce Rounds, St. George Insurance

“Working with Kite Media for our SEO & PPC has been a great experience. They were immediately able to come in and improve several of our keywords in the rankings. They were able to adjust a lot of the keyword bids and reduced our cost-per-click on some words significantly while keeping us high in the search results. They have been able to fine-tune our account since day one to try and get us the best results possible. Organic visits to our website have been trending upwards since they took over! I highly recommend their services!”
– Jordan Connor, Kubex Fitness

“Garrett, Dusty, Colten, and the Kite team are very responsive. Having experienced other less than par web development companies, it has been a breath of fresh air working with the Kite team. They keep the sites and PPC up to date for our multiple companies. Thanks, Kite team.”
– Brian Bartholomew, Bartholomew Enterprises


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