Display Advertising

The Google Display Network (GDN) shows text and image-based ads to Internet users across a wide variety of websites. Display advertising allows your business to connect with potential customers outside of the traditional Google search results pages that you can reach through search advertising.

Have you ever been browsing through a website when you have seen image ads for another product or service? Chances are that you have. Typically you’ll see these ads in the site’s sidebar or across the top or bottom of the page. Those are an example of ads that are available through display advertising. These websites have opted in to allow outside advertisers (you) to run ads on their sites.

Display advertising is ideal for the business that is looking for an affordable, effective branding solution. Though display ads are less targeted than search ads, they can provide one of the best opportunities to reach the masses via digital marketing.

Put your brand on display

  • Working hand in hand with our search advertising service, display advertising will help place your brand in front of your potential customers.
  • Googlers that are actively looking for your business will find you via search, but those that aren’t actively searching for you can still be reached through display advertising.
  • Top of mind awareness is key in today’s world of constant advertising bombardment. Combining display with search advertising will help to keep your brand at the top of potential customers’ minds.
  • It’s a multi-screen world. Reach your potential customers on all of their devices – including desktop or laptop computers and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Capture attention with creative, eye-catching image ads.
  • Use PPC ads to quickly advertise your latest promotional event or sale.
  • The average cost for traffic that results from display advertising is typically much less than the fees associated with search advertising.

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