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Your potential customers are using Facebook & Instagram every day, let’s make sure they see your business while they’re at it. Our team at Kite Media is here to make it happen.

Facebook Advertising Service Logan Utah
Facebook advertising is more than just routine posts on your Facebook page and it’s more effective than simply boosting posts; it involves creating paid image & video ad campaigns that appear on Facebook & Instagram, targeted by geographic location combined with demographic and interest data. Facebook advertising is a great way to reach a high number of people who likely would not see your business otherwise.

Active on-going management

After creating your Facebook ads account, we will brainstorm the creative & copy, create the ad campaigns, and actively monitor and optimize the account on a routine basis in order to make the most effective use of your ad spend.

Facebook & Instagram

We’ll create ads for both Facebook and Instagram in the format and style that are native to each platform. These ads will appear as users scroll through their Facebook & Instagram feeds among other areas within each platform.

Conversion tracking

Tracking is crucial. We’ll set up the Facebook Pixel on your website, which will enable us to track the results of these ads. We will be able to track data such as the number of leads generated, cost per lead, return on ad spend, and more.

Landing page creation

If applicable, we will create a landing page on your site that aligns with the ads and includes the necessary calls to action to ensure that your potential customers immediately see relevant information based on the ad they clicked.

social media management

The Power of Social Media:

Facebook advertising has the power to transform your business. You will be hard-pressed to find other advertising options that have the potential to place your brand in front of a targeted audience of potential customers with such a quick turnaround time. With a wide variety of ad objectives – lead generation, brand awareness, page likes, website conversions, and more – this is a unique tool that can be adapted to most businesses’ marketing needs. Whether your goal is to stay top of mind with past customers, reach new customers, promote a new service, or simply increase and engage with your following, Facebook advertising is the solution. We’re here to help.

Our Process

Step One: Evaluate Goals

We’ll discuss your business needs, goals, and identify opportunities. If we feel like our team and services can deliver on your expectations then we’ll get to it.


Step Two: Create

Our team will work together with you to establish the creative and copy that will comprise your ad campaigns. From there, we’ll get to work to create it.

Step Three: Launch & Test

We’ll begin running ads catered to your goals. We’ll keep a close eye on results and will test additional creative as we see opportunities.

Step Four: Optimize

This isn’t a set it and forget it service. In addition to continual monitoring, we’ll work endlessly to optimize your ad campaigns for optimal performance.

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