Signs It Might be Time for a Website Redesign

by Kym Merrill

Apr 4, 2022 | Website Design

Have you ever wondered if your website is due for a makeover? Maybe you’re wondering how long a website is good for? While there is no set time after which a website design is “bad” (websites don’t expire like food, afterall), there are some signs that it might be time for a fresh website

Your Website Just Looks Outdated

This is the number one thing we hear. Website trends and standards are always changing, and a website that was cutting edge a few years ago might look outdated today. If your website looks outdated compared to your competitors, it’s time to refresh it. You can see some of the latest, trendy designs specific to your industry on DesignRush.

You’ve Rebranded

If your business has a fresh new look, it’s time for your website to be updated too. It’s important to keep cohesive branding across your whole business, so if you have changed your logo or business colors, everything should be updated to reflect those changes. 

Your Website Loads Slowly

There are many factors that can cause a website to load slowly. Some of these issues are easier to fix, such as reducing image size. Others can require an entire website redesign to fix, such as a bloated theme or bad hosting. In any case, if your website loads slowly, it’s time to consider a redesign.  

Your Website Doesn’t Look Good on Mobile

More and more internet traffic is conducted on mobile phones. If your website doesn’t look good on mobile phones or is difficult to use, it’s time to update your website to a responsive design. A responsive website will resize itself to fit any size of screen, from the smallest phone to the largest computer screen, and be easy for all of your clients to use. 

Your Business Has Outgrown Your Website

Maybe you now offer more services than you originally did, and your website doesn’t reflect that. Or perhaps you’d like to start selling products on your site, but your website isn’t set up to allow that. A new website can better fit your business’s needs. 


Whatever the reason you want a new website, Kite Media can help! Our team of experienced web designers can create the perfect site to suit your business’s needs. We pride ourselves on our sites that are modern and functional, without being too trendy. You won’t need to replace your Kite Media site any time soon!

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