Why You Need to Stick with Your Marketing During Slow Seasons

by Kym Merrill

May 17, 2024 | Business Strategy

You might worry it’s just your business, but be assured: every business experiences slow seasons—whether due to seasonal fluctuations, economic changes, or world events. During these challenging periods, many business owners’ instinctive reaction is to cut costs, and marketing budgets are frequently the first to be slashed. However, scaling back on digital marketing efforts like SEO and PPC during slow times can be a costly mistake. Here’s why continuing digital marketing during slow seasons is a good idea.

Maintaining Visibility

Most slow seasons aren’t dead seasons. Even during slow periods, there are some consumers still shopping. If you pull the plug on marketing, you’re making it harder for those customers to find your business. When there aren’t as many consumers shopping for your products or services, each one matters even more. Plus, staying active ensures your brand visibility remains strong, so when demand picks up, your business is the first choice.

Capitalizing on Reduced Competition

If everyone else is cutting back on marketing spend, you have an advantage in staying the course with your marketing. For PPC campaigns, this often means lower costs per click, allowing you to get more value from your budget. As for SEO, if your competitors stop their SEO work, it makes it easier for your website to rank better amongst the decreased competition. While everyone else panics, your levelheadedness can help you win out over the competition. 

Building and Maintaining SEO Momentum

As we have discussed in previous posts, SEO is a long-term strategy that requires consistent effort to yield the best results. Pausing your SEO activities can lead to a loss of momentum, causing your search engine rankings to drop. Once rankings decline, regaining your previous position can be challenging and time-consuming. Even during slow periods, you should focus on creating valuable content and improving your SEO, ensuring you maintain and even improve your rankings. When the market picks back up, you’ll be in an even better position. 

Take Advantage of Down Time

How often have you said that you’re going to work on your marketing, but then find you’re too busy to actually do it? If things are slow, take the extra time to create more content. Film your process and create behind-the-scenes videos. Write deep-dive blog posts full of valuable content for your customers. If you’ve been meaning to overhaul your outdated website, there’s no better time than a slower season. Taking the time to create new content can help you win with both consumers and search engines. 


SEO and PPC are marathons, not sprints. While it’s tempting to cut back on these services during slow seasons, doing so can have long-term negative impacts on your business. By maintaining your digital marketing efforts, you ensure continuous visibility, capitalize on reduced competition, sustain SEO momentum, and have the chance to create better content.

At Kite Media, we understand the challenges of slow seasons and are here to help you navigate them successfully. Our expert digital marketing services are designed to keep your business thriving, no matter the season. While we’re proud not to trap you into long contracts, we’ve helped many clients who have chosen to stick with us through slow seasons and have seen the rewards from that choice.  

Ready to keep your business strong through every season? Contact Kite Media today and let’s work together to achieve sustained growth and success.

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