The Basics of Email Marketing

by Garrett Kite

Dec 4, 2014 | Email Marketing

Whether you’ve been sending emails to customers and followers since you began your career, or if you’re just starting out in this world of MIME and Unsubscribes, we’ve got news for you: There are some basic, fundamental components of email marketing that most companies are forgetting. The point is not to spam inboxes, but rather to grow your brand loyalty and convert your recipients into regular customers.

We consider these strategies the highest priority when planning your email campaigns:

  1. Always send email with a purpose
  2. Keep your promises
  3. Spend time on design
  4. Segment your lists
  5. Follow the rules

We’ll help you understand why a solid email marketing campaign is a must, and how it can really help both your online presence and return on investment.


Always Email With a Purpose

We’ve all been the recipients of emails that had no use being in our inbox, and it’s those little things that cause tallies against a business for their poor marketing behaviors. While customers and potential clients often need to be reminded of your presence, they need to be reminded for a reason. Don’t send an email simply because it seems like a good thing to do. Make sure that each of your email campaigns are direct and to the point – announce a sale, confirm a new subscription, offer a reward or inform your network of an important announcement. No one should ever be the recipient of an email that’s intended purpose seems to be a “Hello! I’m still here! Don’t forget about me!” Your business comes off as desperate, when you want your followers to see you as just the opposite: secure and confident. That’s the kind of business people trust.


Do This:

We just got a new shipment of scarves and gloves for the winter season. Stop by to choose your favorite and mention this email to receive 10% off your purchase!


Not This:

Did you forget about us? We’re still offering seasonal clothing like scarves and gloves, so come look at our inventory!



Keep Your Promises

Have you ever signed up for a newsletter that promises fashion tips and tricks, but all you ever get are promotional emails announcing all the sales? When you advertise your email campaign options, be sure to clearly dictate what the subscriber should expect. If your main purpose in emailing is to announce sales, then don’t advertise updates or tutorials. If you offer a diverse variety of topics in your emails, be sure to advertise them as such. This also helps to retain followers if you happen to send an email to one of your recipients that doesn’t pertain to them. They’ll hold out for another email to see if this is still a company they want to follow. If it suits you, create a variety of campaigns (i.e. general subscriber, coupon subscriber, tips and tricks subscriber, point of sale subscriber) that followers can subscribe to so they get the most benefit out of your email marketing.


Do This:

General Subscriber Email Schedule –  (variety of information)

  1. New Inventory
  2. The Best Herbs to Grow Indoors
  3. Carnation discount – 25% on pink, 10% on white
  4. How To Properly Prune Your Rose Bush


Not This:

General Subscriber Email Schedule –  (all promotional and sales focused)

  1. Fall Sales Preview
  2. BOGO Bamboo Sale
  3. Carnation discount – 25% on pink, 10% on white
  4. Sale on Bouquets



Spend Time on Design

This one should be a no-brainer in this day and age. Spending the time to make your emails visually appealing cuts back on unsubscribes and allows readers the chance to view your information in an aesthetically pleasing way. Include images that reflect the focus of the email, and use headings and lists where necessary. Put social links near the top or bottom to encourage more followers on social media. Make sure your text is legible and that your images aren’t so big that they take forever to load. Design an email that guides viewers to the important information. Pretty = Popular in both high school and the email marketing world.


Do This:Not This:

Visual and Organized

Visual and Organized


Too Much Going On



Segment your Lists

This goes along with organizing your campaigns with purpose and keeping your promises. If you create specific subscriber lists, you can easily send only the applicable information to the correct candidates to lead to a purchase or website visit. You can create this list based on subscriber interests, past purchases or gender. Get creative, and your email recipients will appreciate it. Also, pay attention to whether you’re including followers in multiple lists, and organize your email campaigns so that no one gets the same email multiple times.


Do This:

Subscribers –

  1. Promotional Only
  2. Company Information Only
  3. General Interest
  4. Painting Only
  5. Seasonal Products
  6. Scrapbooking Only
  7. All Crafts


Not This:

Subscribers –

  1. Fall 2012
  2. Website Subscribers
  3. Spring 2013
  4. Back to School Booth
  5. Fall Art Supplies Conference
  6. Fall 2013
  7. Summer 2014



Follow the Rules

When you start marketing to customers via email, you need to understand both their rights to privacy as well as the correct way to reach them. CAN-SPAM has required that all emails include a postal address as well as an Unsubscribe link. Don’t hide these; make them visible and respect the privacy of those who choose to no longer receive your emails. Don’t send emails to people who haven’t explicitly requested to be a recipient. Format your emails correctly so that they are not marked as spam. Following this and other email marketing protocol will ensure that your emails are appreciated.


Do This:

123 Main Street USA


Tired of receiving our incredibly enlightening and informative information?


We’re sad to see you go!


Not This:

Stop by our website for more information!


Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter!



We’ve found success from employing these practices for our clients. Contact us to learn more about Kite Media’s email marketing services. We’re ready to take care of your customers and followers!

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