The Social Media Revolution

by Garrett Kite

It seems like social media impacts everything we do these days. Take, for example, the time you look out your window to see a dude playing sand volleyball in tight jeans, a cowboy hat and boots…not to mention he’s got a bigote (big Spanish mustache) that covers half his face – too bad you’re the only one home and don’t have anyone to share the funny sight with.

[two_fifth]5-7 years ago? You would laugh to yourself, make a personal note to share it with the next acquaintance you see, maybe call or text a friend and then go on with your day as usual. Now? I’m blowing up twitter with more than 140 characters so I switch over to Facebook to post the photo I just snapped on my phone and an explanation of the situation for all of my friends and family to see and comment on. Don’t worry, I’ve got my Facebook and Twitter all synced up so it will make its way to the Twitter world as well. I took the photo with Instagram so it’s on its way there along with Pinterest too. Maybe I’ll even catch a quick video to throw on YouTube.[/two_fifth]
I didn’t even have a Facebook account five years ago and had barely heard of it (I knew it as the mature-person version of MySpace). Now I have had it for a little over 3 1/2 years and rely on it religiously to communicate with friends and family, earn a living with Social Media Marketing services, share the photos and details of my life’s biggest moments, get the scoop on the guy that just emailed me his resume, find out which DSLR camera would be the best for my needs, sell my car and other random items, ruin the life of that one roommate who never paid rent, find out which Los Angeles restaurants to hit & hotels to stay at on vacation next month, get the biggest coupons for that digital camera my friends filled me in on earlier and the list goes on for days…and that’s just Facebook! I didn’t even mention YouTube and the rest of the gang. I can’t imagine life without it, really. Alright, that’s a little extreme, but things would be weird without my beloved social media. This video shares some surprising facts about the social media that has now become a daily piece of our lives. Enjoy!

By , Owner at Kite Media

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