Why Top Rankings Don’t Matter If You’re Not Ranking For The Right Keywords

by Kym Merrill

Have you ever received a solicitation from an SEO company telling you don’t rank well on Google, but they can help get you to the top quickly? There are many SEO companies out there that promise to get you to #1 in a month or two. Business owners often think that these offers sound to go to be true, and they’re right.

See, here’s the problem: if these companies even deliver at all (many are just scams), they’ll get you to #1… on a keyword that no one searches for. They pick the most obscure keywords and build out a landing page geared towards these. Since these keywords are obscure, it’s very easy to rank well for them. However, that doesn’t mean it benefits your business at all. Your #1 ranking means nothing if no one ever sees it!

These businesses will turn around and report to business owners that they have gotten 5, 10, even 25 #1 rankings in just a month. This sounds great to a business owner who doesn’t know a lot about SEO. Everyone always says you want to rank at the top of the page, after all! The problem comes when the business sees no results from these rankings. SEO should provide a return on investment, and increased rankings should mean more visitors to your site, which should lead to more conversions. This doesn’t happen if no one ever searches for the keywords you’re ranking for.

Sometimes these companies will tell you that it isn’t worth trying to rank for better keywords. The competition is too stiff, and you’ll never get to #1. And that part might be true. For keywords that a lot of people search for, there will be a lot of competition and it might be impossible to get you to #1. However, it’s probably not impossible to get you somewhere on that first page with good SEO work and some patience.

Let’s say you rank #5 for a keyword that 100 people search for every month. The 5th position usually gets about 10% of the clicks on the page. So, you’d get about 10 clicks.

Compare that to your #1 ranking that almost no one searches for. Let’s be generous and say that 10 people search for it in a month. The #1 spot gets about 32% of the clicks, so you’d get about 3 clicks.

It’s easy to see how ranking worse for better keywords can be much more beneficial to your business than ranking better for worse keywords!

A reputable SEO company will identify the best keywords for you to rank for, not just the easiest. They will work to rank you well across a variety of beneficial keywords, though those results might take longer than a month to get. Most importantly, a good SEO company will be able to show you improved site visitors and leads as a result of their efforts.

If you’re looking for an SEO company that delivers real results not just empty rankings, Kite Media can help. Our SEO specialists will determine the best keywords for your business and get your site ranking for them to get new leads and drive more business. Give us a call at 435-753-7553 or fill out a contact form today and we can discuss how we can help!

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