TV Advertising?

by Garrett Kite

Apr 4, 2011 | Technology

Is TV the best way to get your business noticed?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of local cable TV advertising.


– TV has a wide reach

– Ideal for reaching large numbers of anonymous audience members

– Can be targeted to a specific geographic target market


– High cost

– Cluttered airways

– More potential spillover (will reach too many that aren’t part of your target market)

The fact of the matter is that local cable TV advertising has its advantages and disadvantages depending upon what you’re end goal is. The use of TV advertising is, however, declining at a steady rate and has been since 2006. Data shows that internet and magazine advertising have stepped in to replace the conventional TV methods. My honest opinion is that local cable TV advertising may still have its place in the advertising world, but should not be a small business’ first source.

Source: TNS Media Intelligence, (accessed May 13, 2008);, April 2007.

By , Owner at Kite Media

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