What Can I Do To Improve My SEO?

As internet marketing professionals, we spend a lot of time on websites and local listings, looking for the best tricks and techniques to use in our optimization of your site. However, considering that we don’t know your day-to-day schedule of events, or even all of the nitty gritty details of your line of work, any extra help you can provide will go a long way. Our work alone is extremely effective and beneficial, but there are places where it can definitely be improved just through your input and contributions. Our aim is to get your website in a prime position to be noticed by the searching customer, but how your website content and message are viewed can be altered by your level of engagement in our SEO efforts. Here are some steps you can take to increase that engagement and become a part of the ongoing efforts to improve your internet reputation:

What Can I Do To Improve My SEO?1. Keep us in the loop. Did you recently change your contact info, storefront address or mission statement? Be sure to let us know! Often, business owners will neglect to inform their marketing providers of these important changes and it can have a detrimental effect on your rankings until we get everything corrected. If you ever see an online business listing that has incorrect info for your business, shoot us an email with a link to that listing so that we can get it corrected.

2. Provide us with fresh content. As time goes on, search engines recognize which websites are being updated with new content and which aren’t. We try to keep your information up-to-date and fresh, but like we mentioned, we aren’t as in tune with the business as you are. If you have any sort of publication/newsletter, or just want to type up some descriptions for your products and services, we would love to include that on your website. If you’d like, we can even feature some of that content as a blog post! In fact, blogs are also a wonderful way to boost your SEO.

3. Ask for reviews. Customers want information, and they don’t always want to hear it from us, the business owners. They are looking to see what other customers like themselves have experienced with your company. You might not like to toot your own horn, but when it comes to your businesses’ positive reviews, showcase them with pride. Reviews and testimonials can have a huge impact on the traffic your website gets and can dramatically help that traffic convert into new customers. Don’t forget to send them to us as well so we can include them on your website.

4. Reach out to other local businesses for mutually beneficial link exchanges. Another good way to improve your website authority is through linking your site with other sites of similar or greater validity. This can be done through link exchanges with fellow business owners. Simply email them a request to feature a link to your website anywhere on their site, and then do the same for them in return on your website. This helps both parties to improve their rankings.

We are grateful for any and all contributions you make to our work on your website, and hope to see continued success for all of our clients!


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