What to Expect from an SEO Service

by Kym Merrill

When business owners get started looking for help with search engine marketing, they often don’t even know what they should look for. Here is a list of services that your SEO service should be providing for you. This might vary slightly depending on your business needs, but it’s a great starting point of what to look for. 

Local Listing Optimization

This involves getting your business information to local listings and making sure that information is consistent. If incorrect information is found, it should be updated. Listings should be checked regularly to ensure they are correct. 

Google Business Profile Optimization 

Your Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) might be considered a local listing by some, but it requires its own care and attention. An SEO expert should regularly update your GBP, making sure it is correct, posting new photos and updates, and responding to reviews. 

Link Building 

Links are an important ranking factor, so an SEO service should include building natural links back to your website on a regular basis. It’s important to note that an SEO service should be focused on the quality of links, not just quantity. If a service offers to build dozens or hundreds of links a month, you shouldn’t trust that they are good quality. 

Site Optimization

When you start working with an SEO expert, they should spend time optimizing your site. This includes setting meta description and title tags, adding image alt text, and making sure that the site is optimized for the appropriate keywords. 

Site Updates

Optimizing a site just once isn’t good enough though. The site should be regularly updated to stay relevant and constantly improve. A good SEO service will continually update your site, instead of adopting a set it and forget it attitude. 

Landing Page Creation

Depending on the type of business, landing pages can be an important tool in reaching customers. If it’s appropriate for your business, an SEO expert should create new landing pages for your site to better reach your target audience.

Content Creation 

Fresh content is important for ranking well, so an SEO service should be adding new content, such as blog posts to your site regularly. 

Social Content

Maintaining an active social presence can also help your online presence. A good SEO expert should create regular, personalized social content that links back to your site and relates to your business. 


If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that can handle all of these SEO tasks for you, call Kite Media. These services are a standard part of our SEO service! We know how important taking the right actions is to getting the results you want. No one wants an SEO “expert” who works on a site one time and says it’s optimized and done. Contact us today to learn more about our consistent, proven strategy. 

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