Who Needs SEO?

by Kym Merrill

You might be wondering if search engine optimization (SEO) is right for you. Can it really benefit your business? Just who needs SEO anyway? 

The quick answer is that just about every website can benefit from SEO. However, here is a closer look at some of the types of businesses and websites that can benefit most from SEO. 

National Brands 

Many people assume that big national brands don’t need SEO. After all, they are usually well known and have other advertising sources. However, national brands compete in a national market, making SEO vital to their success. When there is a large market, there is usually lots of competition, and you can bet that at least some of your competitors are benefiting from SEO. With the right SEO strategy, small brands can sometimes even outrank the more well-known companies. You don’t want your competitors outranking you for valuable keywords! It’s important that large national brands have a solid SEO strategy in place to compete. 

Local Businesses

If you just have one location in a small town (or even a big city), you don’t need SEO because your customer base is so small, right? Wrong! Did you know that Google can deliver localized search results? Google tries to show localized search results in both the map and the main search results when people search for storefronts and services, which means that with good SEO your website can show up to customers near you. This is great because it makes it easier to reach local customers, and can help you compete against bigger companies that aren’t local. However, it takes a careful SEO strategy to help Google understand where your business is located and who your local customers are. SEO is essential to helping small businesses gain more local business. You want to make sure that if any of your potential customers are searching for businesses like yours that you show up! 


What about if you are a small business but you aren’t local, such as an eCommerce store? SEO can help your business too! While showing up in the local maps isn’t a priority for eCommerce sites, it’s vital for your website to show up in the search results. That way, people looking for your products can find them.

The difference between SEO for small eCommerce shops and national brands is that national brands might focus their SEO on broad keywords such as “t-shirts,” while small shops will focus more on specific keywords such as “funny t-shirts for dog owners”. If you sell a specific niche or product, SEO can help get you in front of people looking for that specific product. 


SEO is a natural fit for blogs. After all, your articles are probably geared to answer a particular question, and where do people ask their questions on the internet? Search engines! Good SEO can help your blog posts stand out from the crowd and rank well in search engines, helping new readers find your site. With so many blog posts being published every day, it’s so important to optimize your posts for search engines so that your content can be found in the sea of other blogs. 


In the end, SEO is about getting your site in front of people who are looking for the products, services, or information you provide. While SEO goals and strategies vary from site to site, just about every business can benefit from SEO. 

If you need help getting your site optimized for search engines, our expert search engine optimization team can help! We’ve helped businesses of all kinds improve their online presence and can do the same for you by implementing an SEO strategy designed for your specific business needs. Get in touch with us today! 

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