Why Contracts For Internet Marketing Services Are Not A Good Idea

by Garrett Kite

When it comes to digital marketing there is a lot to know and a lot of services to choose from. You can hire an outside SEO firm to improve your website’s search rankings, a web designer/developer to build your website, a social media marketing company to help you get social, a video production company to create your promotional videos, a marketing team to plan your advertising campaigns, a graphic designer, a paid search expert, an email marketing specialist, and the list goes on. That’s a long list of services from many different sources. And on top of that, many of these service providers will require contracts that include lengthy term commitments. Before you know it your small business can be married to a few other businesses, that you may or may not know very much about, for the long haul. What if one of these services ends up proving to be too costly versus the return that it provides? Let’s hope your not stuck riding out that contract for the rest of the year.

Now, don’t get us wrong, contracts in and of themselves are not a bad thing. In fact, contracts can be a really great way to help set clear expectations on behalf of both your business and your new service provider. A statement of work, project proposal or service agreement can all do the same thing, as well. The real problem that we see all too often is the term commitments that so many of these contracts often include. To be more specific, long term commitments that don’t include any type of out-clause.

In the digital marketing world term commitments that exceed more than a few months are rarely a good idea; in fact they’re more of a red flag than anything else. We always hear small business owners say, “Yeah, but I know that [insert company name here] service will provide the results that I’m expecting and I know it will save me money because it worked for my friend’s business.” But how can you really know that before actually having used the service yourself?

To make things simple, we decided to cut the string on term commitments a long time ago and we now offer all of our digital marketing services contract-free, term commitment-free and without all of the annoying cancellation fees that so many other companies charge. We would rather that you pick and choose what services work for you, instead of tricking you into services you don’t need, for a longer time period than you can afford. Ideally, you should be able to see a legitimate increase in business as a result of our services. The profits from that increase in business can then continue to fund your digital marketing campaigns.

The fact that we believe in term commitment-free digital marketing just goes to show how confident we are in our services. We are real, and we are honest. We believe that internet marketing services shouldn’t come with high-cancellation fees or long-term contracts because it’s an ever-changing industry and so are your business needs.

If you’re involved with an internet marketing company that you can’t trust 100% and they’ve locked you into a contract, you’re in a tough spot and it might be too late to do anything about it. If you aren’t locked into one of those contracts yet, but you’re exploring your options, be sure to keep an eye out for the details. Avoid the long term commitments and ridiculous cancellation fees. The fact is, any contract of this nature should include some type of out clause to help protect you from being locked into a service that doesn’t deliver the expected results. Get out when you can, and then choose new marketing professionals that can offer you better services without being locked down.

Interested in learning more about our marketing services? Simply give us a call or send us a message to speak with our team and get started with our contract-free online advertising services.

Contract-Free Internet Marketing Services

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