Why You Should Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency

by Kym Merrill

You might be asking yourself why you should hire a social media management service for your business. After all, anyone can post to Facebook. It can’t be that hard to create content, run ads, and grow your business on social media, can it? 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring a social media marketing service, even if you have been using Facebook for years. 


This is a big reason clients come to us. They started out managing their own social media, but as their business has grown, they get too busy to continue. When you’re busy running a business, posting to your social media can be the last thing on your mind. Using a professional social media marketing agency can take care of all that so you can focus on what you do best. 


All too often, we see social accounts where the business did a really great job at posting social content for a while and then fell off the wagon. Not only is consistency the key to good results, but this sporadic posting can make customers question whether you’re still in business. With a social media marketing team, you can rest assured that your social content will go out regularly, even if you go on vacation. 


You might not even know what to post on social, the best setting for your social ads, or even how to get started. Our experienced team knows what content performs best, what time of day is optimal to post, and how to set up ads for the best results. You don’t have to start from scratch. Use our experience to your advantage! 


Did you know that you can track your leads from social media? Accurate tracking can help you understand your ROI, what types of content perform best, and more. An experienced social media marketing team like Kite Media will set up your tracking so you can clearly see the results from your business’s social efforts. 

Fresh Ideas

Do you just not know what you should be putting on social media? It’s easy to run out of ideas after a while. Our team works together to come up with fresh content that is relevant to your business and appeals to your clients so you never run out of new content. 


If you are really committed to improving your business’s social media presence, is there really any reason not to hire a social media marketing agency? Give the experts at Kite Media a call today at 435-753-7553 and we can discuss if it’s the right move for your business.  

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